Best MLL (Major League Lacrosse) Players

The Top Ten

1 Paul Rabil

This is my order
(2)Casey Powell
(3)Paul Rabil

Rabil is the best

He's way better than Rob Pannel

2 Rob Pannell
3 John Grant Jr.

John Grant isn't just one of the best players in the MLL, he's one of the best in the NLL (behind Shawn Evans). Heck, he's even one of top 5 to ever play the game! In my legendary players category, I would have:
1)Gary Gait
2) Lyle Thompson (even though he's pretty young)
3)Dave Pietramala
4)John Grant Jr
5)Mikey Powell

4 Casey Powell
5 Brodie Merrill
6 Marcus Holman
7 Joe Walters
8 Ned Crotty
9 Brendan Mundorf
10 Lee Zinc

The Contenders

11 Matt Danowski
12 Kevin Buchanan
13 Kevin Lavelle
14 Mark Matthews
15 Michael Powell
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