Top Ten MMA Nicknames They Should Have


The Top Ten

1 Fedor Pass the Chicken Emelianenko

Past his prime, Last 10 fights prior to Fabricio were to bums. He is a great fighter, but is well getting older as fighters are getting younger. - adrianN

2 Anderson Sliver Silva

Unbeatable right now, just sliver to wins. - adrianN

3 Royce The Pioneer Gracie

He just the best, and should be viewed as the greatest ever since he pioneered the sport. - adrianN

4 Matt The General Hughes

His relentlessness in the cage defines the person he is and the people we need depend on in the Military. USA pride - adrianN

5 Brock the Brute Lesner

This Massive beast of a guy will be winning for a while. Tough son of a bitch - adrianN

6 George Aye St. Pierre
7 Nick el Diablo Diaz

Bad boy of MMA and a pretty good fighter - adrianN

8 Dan Frankenstien Henderson

Just look at him! but don't say anything to him because he will kick your ass - adrianN

9 Lyota El Mechanico Machida

This guy is a machine, amazing to watch even hard to defend against - adrianN

10 Urijah Flavor Faber

Very tough seaoned abroad flavor in the cage - adrianN

The Contenders

11 Jon the Reach Jones
12 Ryan The Master Bader
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