WoW better than all the others

While it is true that you can lvl to cap relatively quickly in WoW, lvling to cap is not the primary, or even nearly the end goal when it comes to playing WoW, it is only the start. There are endless quests, and dungeons, to finish, or not, there are close to 1500 achievements to obtain, if I remember right, many of which give rewards such as various flying/nonflying mounts. Collecting mounts/pets are achievements themselves. You have to gear up, better, and better, to meet requirements for more difficult dungeons and raids. Then there are the pvp aspects of the game. I wish I could get into, and describe all the details, and aspects of WoW here, but I cant, theres too many. People who say "ya, but WoW is pay to play" miss another factual point entirely as well. I use to play Rappelz, and to lvl effectively after a certain lvl, you pretty much HAVE to purchase from the game store, and the game store is EXPENSIVE!! I pay 12 or so dollars a month to play WoW, most "Free" games cost FAR more, since you pretty much HAVE to use their expensive game store after a certain point. Sure, you can do it without using their store, but you sit at one lvl for weeks or more, while all your friends pass you by. With WoW, you never pay ANYTHING except your monthly fee. Everyone is on an even playing field. All games with game stores are designed to hook you at the low lvls so you will be buying from the store to make your higher lvls. Foolish!!


I disagree Runescape is much better - visitor