Last Chaos

I was surprised to see LC in Pos. 32, cant say I blame them, it shows that some research goes into there decisions.. For the 1st time player, LC seems like a great game. It really does have great graphics, easy battle system, Mountable pets, and upgradable armor weapons. It is easy to get involved in, and spend countless hours playing.

However, The gameplay gets mundane way to quickly, and anyone who stops and uses there head realizes the pointlessness of it all and quits. Those that don't quit, keep playing and it no longer becomes a game to aquire experience, advancement and enjoyment, but rather how much gold you can obtain to pay for the mutiple things you need to continue the mundanity(if thats a word) to get the experience points to go to the next level and continue a whole new level of mundanity.

You can go into a Temple or an open area, and fight the mobs and mobs of monsters that are clustered to there designated area. If you have a ranged weapon, you seldom need to even take a step, you can just stand there for liteally hours, click on a creature, and shoot til it dies, and then point to another, and another and another... Sounds like soo much fun doesn't it??? The fun comes in when you DON'T have a ranged weapon, you actually get to watch your character run to the monster you clicked on, and then hit it til it dies.

In the mid 60's level, your forced to fight in a land that costs 800,000 gold to go to, and thats even if you get disconnected, booted, froze, lagged, or any of the other dozen things that can cause you to not complete a successful teleport. Fustration is not nearly an adequate word to describe the feeling you have, after fighting approximated 800 creatures that may or may not drop 1,000 GP, so you can afford to go to this place, and get DC'ed during teleport and lose your 800K.

After level 33, you can no longer buy armor or weapons from NPC's, and are forced to either buy from other PC's or go hunt creatures 10 levels higher than the armor/weapons you are seeking, hoping they drop some of what you need. This is something that is not possible without seriously upgraded armor and weapons of your last/current set. So you are forced to buy upgrade protection with your hard earned real life money, so you can get your next armor set, and repeat the step over and over again.

The greatest downfall of LC is its constant reaching into your pockets for more money. It is free to download and free to play, but if you want to go past lvl 65 (Actually Playing the Game, instead of being Power Leveled by another player), then you will need ALOT of cash to pour into your character, armor, weapons, and protections.

You can upgrade your Armor and weapons, but that too will cost money, as none of the upgrades are guarenteed and if the upgrade fails epically, it will break your weapon/armor and you will need to get new armor and start over(More Money).

With there constant upgrades and patches, the game gets worse by the month, a new Pheonix system that crashed the game, a new combat pet system that cause a major crash and was removed, and the latest upgrade was an automatic Merchant you could place all your stuff for sale in, and when it sold, you went back to get your money(minus a selling fee). The concept was great, it helped to remove the hundreds of players sitting around in merchant mode all the time, creating even more game lag than usual...Initially, it was a Monumental idea, but in reality..NOT so much, The few days it was up and inflated ALL items to Triple or more in price, and when it crashed, it was removed from the game, along with the thousands of items player had put into it to sell. Yes, the items are gone, the money is gone, and the selling fee deposits are gone... Needless to say, this cause ALOT of player to pack up and head on to new and better games....

So if you got too much money and not sure how to get rid of it, I recommend LC, Aeria Games they will gladly take it, and then eventually take back what you spend your money on, one way or another....

My experience with Last Chaos has left a very bad taste in my mouth, and extremely reluctant to try any other Aeria games. Good intensions are fine, but programmers need to think things through when cash in on the line. As in life, where real money, play money, or game gold is exchanged frequently, there is in essence an econemy, and every action has a reaction... Aeria games has my best reguards, they made a great attempt to possibly one of the best MMORPGS available, but there greed or lack of reguard for it's dedicated players is going to lead to there utter failure, unless of course the world is full of people that avoid there freedom to think... Ohh yeah it is... Good Job Aeria