Entropia Universe


Quite honestly, this is my end game. I have never felt so challenged by such a game as this one. It definitely has a very steep learning curve, and I would not recommend this game to just a casual gamer who won't take the time to research and educate themselves on the mechanics of the game. You can either play within your means and smartly to constantly gain skills, or you can go on expensive hunts blowing your load and lose your ass than cry about it on the forums. The game isn't very transparent, they don't just give you information on how the loot system dynamics work, and there are a lot of those who are auction hall wizards that constantly profit off of the knowledge they have gained over the years through the auction system.

There's just so much depth to this game that it's hard to describe. The different professions and the ability to modify items, crafting, mining, hunting. There's an ingame event system that can run sponsored events for great prizes... People with ...more

A great community with lots of helpful players, and real consequences for the choices you choose to make. Here you will receive no mercy as you battle for your economical survival. You can dress yourself in clothing and look good while socializing with your friends, or you can hunt, mine and/or craft with the chance of hitting something close to $20,000, or just lose $20,000. It really depends on what kind of investing YOU wish to do in your avatar. If you're more of the organizational type, you'd probably like to buy a store and sell stuff to other players. Earn money on me as I buy the level 8 mining amplifiers which you have crafted and are now selling in your store!

It should be noted that MindArk, the corporation behind the Entropia Universe platform, has been notoriously known for neglecting the wants and wishes of their player base, but they are changing this attitude and are doing so severely. Entropia Universe has, according to me, a bright future with even more ...more

Hi There,

I have been involved with Entropia Universe as an independent participant for just over 6 months now. With a firm understanding of MMOs since before the initial days of UO along with a strong economic and mathematical background;

I can assure you the EU platform is not a scam. RL money an be made if you are willing to invest the time & effort into it along with some of your own money along the way.

Keep in mind, this is no quick and easy money making thing. It requires time, patience and experience which you will gain along the way.

It is not easy to start out in, though there are many opportunities. The decisions you make will lead you to good or not so good outcomes.

I would recommend this to anyone who can see the bigger picture in things and are not limited to the square they live in when it comes to thinking things out.

GL hope to see you in EU

I have been playing for four years now.
With the constant updates and expansions it just keeps getting better and better.

There is a steep learning curve, but they have made recent changes and added a lot of low level quests and more and more options for players starting out that this is not nearly the issue it used to be.

The Real Cash Economy aspect of this game makes all other games seem shallow and pointless once you have played for a while. The pure challenge of competing against other players in a real economy where mistakes are actually costly and the right choices and game play styles will actually bring in the dough.

My wife even plays now and she was never a gamer, but once she started she really got into it and now is a solid mid-level player able to do anything she wants in the game.

If you want a brainless game to play once in a while I would not recommend this. But if you are looking for a true challenge and a game you can commit to and ...more

Unlike wow where the internet property you aquire has NO value. Everything you aquire, every skill point you gain can sold for real $$$. Think about that if you have been playing for about 4 years and your efforts have no real $$$ value...

(Tip) Entopia is best played in months and years not weeks and months, remember its not play money we are talking about and I know several players making good $$$ from this game (think 1k week ) Not easy but it can be done. If you have no self disciple DO NOT play this game.

Playing this game now for over 6 years, tried other games in between, but I keep coming back to Entropia Universe, The game is free to play and there are no limitations when not depositing, however it is quite tough and require really smart play and a lot patience when choosing this path. I chose this as a personal challenge and managed so far while having acquired most of the nice goodies in this game.
With respect to gameplay, this game, as like real life, does not guide you what to do next, besides some beginners missions and some challenges... This might be regarded as a drawback to some players, who would feel lost in the immense universe consisting of several planets, but for other player like me, it is the beauty of the game which keeps me playing... Its me who determine what to do next, where and how... And progress my avatar. This all combined with the really beautiful graphics and sceneries I can only recommend this game to everyone who is up for a challenge.

Entropia is like no other game. If your smart & think straight you can go far in this game without forking out a bank vault. It's one of those games you just can't put down, no matter how tough it gets or how many bugs show up, it's really entertaining & enjoyable sharing it with others in game. I love hunting monsters & grinding through missions all day long. Figuring out how I can be more efficient in my killing, how to gain more markup. It's just something different every time I log in. If I don't feel like hunting, I can move on or do other activities that benefit me ingame & value over time. With time I will achieve all I want in this game for sure.

This game has always kept my attention whether it be from doing some average lowbie hunting/mining. Always a good helpful community in which answers to questions can be given with great explanations. This game has a real cash economy so a new unique style of gamers will fall in love with this game. This game can be fun to the 100% Non-depositor at a cost of lots of time consumed if you have the patience to do so. Those that do not have the patience can simply make a deposit using one of numerous depositing methods offered by the game! Great game! 5/5 Stars!

I have been playing entropia universe for the last 6 years and I still love the game. Development is constant, many new items and concepts are introduced to entropia on a regular basis. The main thing about entropia is it's not a big chat house, which I have noticed where people that play these other games seem not to understand. Also with the real cash economy you can make an investment and actually work to make it grow, then when you look back years later you actually have something to show for your efforts, not just a bunch of useless "memories"

I haven't seen a better gameplay than this. That's why I'm still there after 7 years.
It have evolved huge in those years, graphically, the number of possibilities and in new challenges, and I know that it will be evolving even more as the years pass by. :)
And as some people say, it can be quite costly to buy for example a really good gun, but that money comes back in your pocket when you sell it in the future. And with a knowledge and feeling for the market you can even profit quite a bit. Just in real life

Entropia Universe is, not realistically a place to make money but, a place to spend money. It is loose on storyline (though that is changing) and more of a 'self-guided play environment' (though it is free to join it is very hard to do anything without depositing any money). It takes a long time to download and set up (you can't really get 'in-game' on the day you begin the process) but once you are in the graphics are beautiful! The flora and fauna are awesome to look at and is is just fun to run around and look at the untamed land (I frequently fantasize I am really there instead of real life, you know when real life is boring)! You MUST have a great graphics card and lots of memory! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!


Its 6 years I play entropia and each day still discover the game.
After 6 years I still busy build ava and skills Up :)
Need invest with money to buy equipment, its not free game.
But personally I loot some nice Hof.
11k peds = 1100 dollars with a gun sold for 4500 dollars
28k = 2800 dollars
33k = 3300 dollars
But I repeat need deposit and invest in game.
Its a game with real cash economy.
You play but in same time build ava and after can sell your skills.
Its what I like :)
You can withdraw your money if need.
Y brother withdraw 1 month ago 11.500 dollars because need to buy house.
Without possibility of deposit some peds in game that game sure is real bored :(
Don't believe to you can make a lot money with the game, its very rare.

Good luck

A difficult game to learn at first, but after playing it for over a year I admit the game is solid. You can earn real money by playing the game, but the knowledge in learning how to do this will take a lot of time invested and perhaps some lost earnings because people won't tell you how to make money you have to figure it out slowly on your own. I've made over 2,000 USD from this game in less than 8 months.

Entropia Universe is a one of a kind MMORPG out there. The insane difficulty of learning the ropes, makes it hard to get into, but also equally hard to let go off again. I've been playing it since 2004 on and off, and I keep comming back. Most people play it for the real cash economy, while others consider it a "free" game to interact, and eventually throwing a few bucks in a month to play for fun. Most people should at least try this game, the unique way of developing your character to whatever you choose, is not really seen other places yet. No classes, no "limits" on proffessions, you get better at what you do, but do not loose skill if want to try something else.

All in all, a perfect MMORPG for those who like a Universe with no limitations to who / what you can become without doing quests or missions of any kind.

Real cash economy. Skill based game so the longer you play, the more it benefits you. Although a grind fest at times, there is still an opportunity to get a big loot and make some real cash at the end. Finally, the community that plays is superior to most games.. Mostly helpful and mature individuals which is nice to see instead of the 14 year old whining gamers. I've been playing since 2006 and do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

Getting better by the month! There have been a lot of hurdles and screw ups in the past, but I am getting the feeling MA has actually learned from their past screw ups. The game is getting better and better. On the other hand: it's getting harder than ever to Play-for-Free, but hey... That's marketing.

The RCE aspect makes Entropia just that little bit more exciting than any other game out there.

Been there since 2003 when we still used gold in the drops:) have made and grown with my friends its a virtual life... A oases just a click away the community off friends I have made with the years.. All of the above comments hold true.. Not easy don't expect 2 get rich perseverance and small budget can be just as rewarding been mining since start and have always broke even as I know the ropes..

not 4 some kiddies who want a quicky no siry we slowly progress and take all

nbk;) snowwolf greets and welcome yas 2 share our virtual lifes

The hardest, most complex, and potentially lucrative game on the market for years to come. This game is simply for the most hardcore and able gamers, the entertainment value for the same cost as other games is unmatched. You even have the potential to get back your subscription costs or more! Largest Virtual universe I am aware of. Nearly a decade and still going strong.

Great looking MMORPG with even more potential.

The Entropia Universe consists of several Planets divided by space. Every planet is differently themed and created by different company's, which results in really divers game.

The real cash economy can be both your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are smart enough it is possible to even make money out of it, if you only think you are smart enough then the game will eat you alive. And if you only play for the fun part you're always a winner.

The #1 game in the Universe. If you budget your self with let's say $15.00 a month, then you can do very well in this game and if you ever want to quit, you can sell all the skills you have earned. This game is not that hard. People say a steep learning curve -not true-. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that will help you and also www.Entropedia.Info is a great wealth of info. The problem people have is that it is tied to a real cash economy. If WOW went to a real cash economy, people would complain and say "I put $15.00 in the game last month and lost all my money". Well that is what happens every month without a real cash economy.

At least with a real cash economy you can possibly get a drop from a monster worth $$$ real money and can withdraw that at any time. Yes on WOW you can sell at the auction but compared to Entropia Universe you will never sell an item or get a drop from a monster for $10,000.00 USD. Yes, it is rare but the fact is that it is "possible". The thing ...more

Great universe, a real open world, 5 planets, if you have no vehicle you run 1 week for point A to point B! Real liberty! A lot of jobs ingames, hunters miners crafts, paint, etc 86 jobs, and real possibility a return for your investment! A lot of free to play, "free to pay! You buying items and nevers return, it s not that in entropia, after 1 month in game all other games badass, test= you love or you hate, but if you like, you play 90% time in entropia. Community great, it s a game for adult ;) +++ long life EU

The ultimate sandbox environment to hunt, craft, mine, explore, socialize, and discover where your time and desires fit best. You can play for free on a basic level and possibly trade your way up the ladder. Or you can deposit what you like for added entertainment and to climb the ladder and explore the next level all the faster. The most scale-able mmorpg out there, with participants here for 10 years and still being met with new challenges and developments.

Best game I ever played. Takes a while to get into it. But after that it beats EVERYTHING!
World of warcraft is good. But Entropia beats WOW in everything. Great place to meet new people and chat with. I got irl friends as well thanks to entropia! Community is best ever as well! Dedicated players!

Playing this game now for about six years and with a lot of patience as my personal challenge with this game is to keep playing without depositing any real money into the game and on the other hand obtaining all the nice stuff and increasing my skill levels... So far this worked out and it kept and keeps me playing.

No other game has kept me interested for such a long time. Lots of new content added regularly, so always new things to see and do. The economy is an on-going challenge, that just makes it far more interesting to play than subscription-based games.