EverQuest 2


Everquest 2 is a great game with gameplay and interaction with friends guilds and more not only that but the graphics are great and soon this year of 2014 everquest next is coming out be sure to check it out you might find it awesomely great!

EQ2 in my opinion is one of the most immersive games on the market at this point in time. The crafting system is fantastic and the combat while sometimes slow is more interactive in my opinion.

I went up and down list looking at first looks on YouTube. Honestly, this game is the one that looked most appealing to me. Thanks for reading. I would consider this over rest!

WoW is full of kids just mucking about, EQ2 is for the more serious player. Immense amounts of content to explore, with a vibrant community. 10/10 from me.

BEST GAME EVER MADE BY FAR. Takes Everquest 1 and expands to a whole new universe. The size of the free world as well as game play is unbeatable.

Awesome game. I've played since launch, tried a few other games but nothing comes close.

It may not be that popular but it's one of the most awesome games I've played! In my opinion it's better than World of Warcraft.

This is way too far down on the list. Have you even played it? I have been playing since launch and I love this game

With the new expansion you cannot go wrong with EQII as it is now the best mmo on the market.

Greater depth of play than any other and house decorating/guilding combined with top end raiding and dungeons I wish more played it it is very underrated and highly developed in game voice chat for personal and group/raid chatting

EverQuest 2 is un-arguably is the best game available around the globe. SOE rAwkS !!

Greatest MMO I have ever played and I have played almost everyone on the list.

When you leave WOW out of boredom come here and see how an MMO is suppose to be.

Its IS so awesome and i played it fro 5 years i give it a 10

I have tried many mmorpg's. the graphics and variety this game brings cannot be matched anywhere. I still try new things when asked. but always come back to this.

I've played several different games, wow for years, and EQ2 is the best by far.

Can't believe EQ2 is 34th and behind MUonline which is the most hacked game I ever played. Great graphics, Great Story and Tons of quests... What more is there?

Most in-depth quests, weapons, and overall game play I have ever encountered. The realism and attention to detail is impecable. Where's EQ3?

Played wow for 6 years and finally got fed up in march2013 of the dumbing down boring dailies-etc the skill trees etc are now a joke compared to wow vanilla to lichking in the game had 6 level85s to boot -took a look at eq2 -free to play= and lo and behold vintage wow only better-all you wow players -should try eq2 the number of variations of chars skills etc puts wow to shame, the layout is the same as wow so is very eary to learn and updates are very regular. If wow and eq2 were released today wow would be a very big loser-also whatch out for eq3 next which debuts in early august

EQ2 is better than WOW, better than Guild Wars, better than Ragnorak, DnD Online, LOTR, Final Fantasy, Runescape and way way WAY better than SWG (seriously? SWG?! ) The only games on the list currently ranked higher that might actually deserve it are EVE (which I have never played but have heard great things about) and DAOC.