Final Fantasy XI


A game requiring extensive teamwork that offers thousands of hours of enthralling game play.

Released as early as May 16, 2002, The game still offers some of the best Realistic-Fantasy graphics on the market to date.

Dubbed "The worlds first cross-platform MMO", Final Fantasy 11 was and still is available to more players than any other MMO in existence.

Many players feel the game was ruined by the newest expansions for the game: "Vision of Abyssea", "Scars of Abyssea", and "Heroes of Abyssea"

As the game became older Squaresoft/Square Enix attempted to make another Final Fantasy Online game: Final Fantasy 14.

The primary Director of 14 was Nobuaki Komoto, However, as successful as he may have been in the directing of Final Fantasy 11, However, He was relieved of directing 14 due to the poor reception of the game, and replaced by Naoki Yoshida.

The game grows smaller as it gets older, but servers ...more

After four years, FFXI is still the best MMORPG out. Amazing stories, crazy and memorable npcs, realistic graphics, colors and breathtaking locales- this game has it all.

I've played many games on this list but none have really struck me as hard and as beautifully as FFXI. The game has the fine detail of games made by Square Enix and pays such close attention to the games internal story and history. Graphics are still stunning, battle system requires thought and skill, and the world and environment are truly captivating.

I have been playing FFXI for many years. About 4 weeks after FFXI was released to NA. I normally take between 1-2 months off per year and play other MMOs just to see what is out there. I've Played wow, and I'm still very impressed with the graphics of Wow. I've also played guild wars, and DnD online and a few others. I but I am always coming back to FFXI, I love the controls, I love the story, I met my hubby playing the game. After 8 years of playing FFXI I've only got about 2/3 content total game done with over 600 game days played. With wow, Guild Wars and dnd online, There is no over arking story line that really pulls you into the story. Where when your doing the missions for FFXI they are CS that really pull you into the story. Some of which take 10-15 mins to play threw as a reward for getting this far in the game.

As long as this game has been out, it never fails to captivate me and pull me into an adventure that I won't ever forget. The people I meet, the monsters I battle, and the rewards I seek always give me something exciting and fulfilling to do. I've played maybe a dozen games listed on this chart, as well as a handful that I haven't seen on here and I must say that when everything is weighed out, FFXI just does something for me that none of these other games have come close to. It brings me back to the level of excitement I had when I first started playing MMOs. Before I started looking too closely into mechanics, graphics, and the companies that run them, back when the game itself really felt like another world and I would wait all day just to relive it again that night! It's a great game and I think anyone with an open mind and a heart yearning for adventure can really fall in love with it and its colorful characters.

FFXI emphasizes complex multiplayer gameplay and an elitist community.
Reaching lvl75 and the "endgame" part of ffxi is no small achievement.
It requires dedication, good social networking and very good understanding of the game mechanics. All those aspects make for a very rewarding experience albeit frustrating from time to time as luck can play a role.
No other mmorpg captures the intensity and thrill of a MMORPG and the quality of it's community like Final Fantasy XI.

Final Fantasy XI is not a game that caters to those seeking instant gratification.

The game requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve most goals, but the feeling of intense personal satisfaction after achieving what you previously though unachievable is matched in no other game.

Play this if you're looking for a challenging, in depth and rewarding experience, you won't be disappointed.

This game has no comparison. It is simply the best, no other way to put it. I played FFXI for around 5 years, was time very well spent. It is often criticized for being too hard, but that is one of the best parts about it. The amount of Notorious Monsters and the large size of the world were my favorite parts, and of course the way the game made it so that you would have to socialize or be part of a linkshell group. Couldn't solo Kirin. =) Best game ever I stopped playing a few years ago and I still miss, have very fond memories of my time in Vanadiel.

Not for the easily discouraged or distracted, but if you are willing to put the time into it, your prize will be the most amazing and intriguing MMO world on the market. The people are helpful and friendly, the job system is unique and interesting, the world is vast and gorgeous, and it all comes with that signature Final Fantasy feel. The most challenging and most rewarding MMO out there today.

Always been a FF fan, but XI exceeds any game I've ever played. Met a few crazy people during my 5 years ingame, but 98% of the players are super mature an great to hang out with.
The game requires lots of time an effort, but the rewards feel so much rewarding that way.
I love the graphics, music, and stories. All the plot lines, missions, and npc's end up being connected one way or another, it's pretty cool :D.
I will always carry the memories I made in this game with me till I die.
Love this game!

An MMORPG Masterpiece that was built to last. Final Fantasy XI sucks you in and doesn't let you go, moreso than any MMORPG available, mostly because it is based on a very strong and devoted community. Even better still, unlike some MMORPGs Final Fantasy XI has the ability to change jobs, whenever and to whatever you like, allowing you to juggle multiple jobs to keep you hooked for years.

Strategy, teamwork, 5 races which can be any to all of over 20 classes, like 100 combat skills that level up, many easy and varied ways to find/communicate with people, I can probably go on forever. All other games of this type have been cheese. It has such an alive and realistic feel to no other game had. This game gave me countless memorable and grand times shared with friends.

The people in this game... Everyone you played with was like a family... People would literally spend hours of their time to help you... By hours I mean... 5-10hours in one day for nothing else but to help you... This game felt like you lived in a dream world... Played this game for 4years straight, had to quit because of college, but will always go down as a game you cannot duplicate simply because of the people in it.

I played this from day one. I quit to try the new ffxiv as I felt with the new additions to gameplay on 11 it really ruined the game and no0one ever wants to party anymore. But now I just miss it so badly but the whole f online series is a bit ruined I wish I could find a new mmo just like this but starting over again with more modern graphics and physics. But this will always be the best mmo ever for a long time games like WOW are just too easy and doesn't have the same kind of feeling when you accomplish something

I've played FFXI for four years before I stopped, one of the best MMOs I ever played. I tried WoW and other popular games but nothing stuck like FFXI. There is so much to do that its nearly impossible to get bored. Side note- FFXI is for more experienced mmoers, Its almost completely party based so if you don't play well with others this is not the game for you.

Final Fantasy XI is THE MMORPG to play these days, it's simply the best. It's gameplay and design are superior to the competition and FFXI also has a very deep story, something the other games are lacking. Blizzard needs to take a page out of Square's book and learn how to make a real MMORPG.

FFXI is by far the best game out there and truly deserves the number 1 pick. The graphics, storyline, and game play beats WoW by lightyears. If you truly want to experience the MMO feel of stuff join FFXI. Not WoW. (BTW I have played both WoW and FFXI. - vech

I played this game for 4 years and I don't think I'll ever love an MMO as much as I loved this one. This mmo had it all like everyone else in the comments said. It was a good story line, great add ons, good battle system, and you had to put time into the game. I love this game and always will.

Server: Phoenix

THE hardcore gamers game. Excellent community, challenge, gameplay and awesome storyline. Not for the feint of heart or those who want to be top of the foodchain in a month (i.e. WoW).

Best MMO I have played. Had it on ps2 a few years ago, now just got it for 360, and its even better of course! Played WoW but got sick of the kiddies, pluse this game takes skill, no not that kind of skill WoW fans...I mean "real" skill!

It's like Toyotas and Lexus. Sure more people drive Toyotas, but you know Lexus is higher class. That's why WoW has more players but is only second.

No other MMORPG makes you feel accomplished like FFXI does. With an immersive storyline, interesting NPCs, and addicting gameplay, it's hard to top this. Avoid the asshatish community of other MMORPGs and play FFXI. You owe it to yourself.

I played this game for 7 years and I miss it. I usually play any games for only a week at max and get bored of them, but not this one. I have played at least 50 different mmorpgs including world of warcraft, and none are addicting like FFXI. I just wish it was free, I never would have quit!

I played FFXI on and off for 7 years. One of the best games I have ever played. The people were awesome and so was the gameplay! I still want to go back and play, but I don't want to pay monthly to basically socialize with the many many people who I know still play. Love, Love, Loved it!

The best MMORPG I've played yet. I've been playing for over 2 years and I still love it. It's not like WoW but in my opinion it is way better. It is more of a challenge than WoW and that's what makes it so much better. - Yaunie13