Guild Wars


Guild wars is a free mmorpg and it is fun, competitive and has brilliant graphics.
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One thing is for sure and that is that it has a stable policy, meaning that you will not be banned all of a sudden without any prior warning or notice, some people have their accounts for 8 years in some games, have achievements and many unique things during their 8 years of play, and with all that time and money being spent they just notice that they are banned, in any case the players have to enjoy the game and be happy with it instead of fighting in the game with one and other and also with the system of the game and their ridicules policies, I believe that guild war could provide the satisfaction that everyone is looking for

Guildwars is a very good game! The good thing about this game is you can choose what second proffesion you can be! the best mix to me is warrior monk all the way as u can take alot of dmg deal a descent amount and then heal your self! also i like the idea of having GvG/PvE/PvP. Also the gaming is free all you have to do is buy the game(s). The createwrs of GW have made titles. This works by e.g. have eplored 60%-100% of the map or won so many PvP battles and so on. i wud rate this game at 9/10

Guild Wars is by far the best MMORPG in my opinion. Brilliant Graphics, awesome storyline and incredibly structured. And there's no monthly subscription fee after buying the game. Everything in this game feels alive and makes us wanna know everything there is about it. It's like reading a book and watching a movie while at the same time you get to be in the center of this world, the main character of the story. I recommend this game to everyone. As well as the Guild wars 2 when it's gonna come out

I played many online games already. WoW, Ragnarok, Tibia, Aion, Conan, Mu, Priston Tale, Rift, Global Agenda, HellGate: London...
Guild Wars IS UNIQUE! Soon GW2 will be released. But GW1 won't die cause you can unlock items and titles on GW2 from GW1! It's a rare MMORPG that on PVP your brain counts more than level of your character and time spent playing! You can combine many of the hundreds of skills and create infinites builds to play!

This is probably the best MMORPG of all time. Incredible graphics, almost perfect PVP, three major story lines that are beautifully written. Then to make it even better, they added on the final Eye of the North completing the package. Now we sit and wait playing random games until GW2 comes out... Sometimes I cry a little.

Great Game I have been playing for over 6 years and looking forward to Guild Wars 2. This game is not a grind game as you will only get to level 20 and it is mostely making a great build. Once you have learned the game you can come up with solo builds that can be supper fun. you will not have to go it alone in this game as their are heros that help you and you can add to your party list. I is all in your hands you set them up with runes on their armor and such.

People often don't even give Guild Wars a chance. They assume that because it doesn't have a subscription, it's bad. To you, I say this: try it. There is a free trial and if you don't like it, leave it. Or for the truly brave, put down the $40 to buy all 3 campaigns and see why Guild Wars is consistently played even 5 years into its life.

what more can you ask for. This game has a well thought out lore that keeps you wanting to explore every inch of the game. A lot of serious player's that makes questing and grouping fun. the PVE, and PVP are implemented very well. Graphics are just beautiful. Over 5 millions players as of 2007 and it's free

This is probably the BEST game ever! It has a great storyline with multiple games to choose from and it also has awesome graphics. Whats also great is that its completely FREE after you buy it and when you enter the game you can either join you friends or grab some heroes and henchman to fight with!

The only game with this style of RPG and skill/moves set. Runescape? Really? Oh come on. This is a joke. Guildwars has so manny possibilities it's incredible. Better than WoW only because you don't spend your entire savings account to play. - jewunit69

I have played this game for four years and I own all of the expansions. This game is a game that you will never get sick of because it just keeps getting better and better. I sure hope everyone goes out to buy it. I can't wait for number 2.

Fun game and pretty. Good amount of skills. Rather Ho-hum storyline. Community in this game absolutely sucks. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have friends to play with. Free online play is good, of course.

All around great game, and with Stand alone expansions. The game just gets better. Graphics are greatly detailed. Unlike WOW you don't have to Wait a whole day to get updates, and also there no monthly fee.

This game is the best, FREE MMORPG only have to buy it in store), Great graphics, great story line, GW should be first, in front of WoW just because the graphics and the FREE part, and, yes, when GW2 comes out, it will blow WoW away.

Similar to WOW, but with no monthly fee's, and with much better looking realistic graphics. The game is constantly improved with added quests and dungeons. My favorite MMO to this day.

The only game that has been able to keep me playing for so long. Wow had me for some time but I grew up and needed something more mature. Guild Wars was my cup of tea. Now waiting for the sequel!

surely this should be closer to the top... I played for 3 and a half years and still think its a good game, offers PVP at a more intense level than any other game and has nice graphics with cool storylines - Hayds510

I think it is the coolest and most exciting game it has good graphics and a great storyline it has cool events and a cool pvp system I love it and I can't wait for guild wars 2

I have been playing for 6 years and I will continue playing until GW2 comes out and then I am sure I will be back this game has been great game play and the replay value is 6 years plus. What a value!

I put it like this. World of Warcraft should be 1st and Guild Wars should be second. when Guild Wars 2 comes out, Guild Wars should be the top rated MMORPG. Enough said!

Guild Wars, is a great game I have played since it came out and I still do, it should be a lot closer to the top. I haven't ever heard of the second one


I play Guild Wars. I love it! It is so fun and best of all... It's free. I don't know why in the world you would pick runescape over this. - ziggy22

Guild Wars is the best game ever. PERIOD. It is free, amazing gameplay, amazing graphics, and there is SO much to do. Buy this game!