I've played tons of free MMOs. Most of them get boring after the first 20 levels or so, or they're extremely overly complicated. Mabinogi, on the other hand, I've been playing for years There's tons to do without it seeming overwhelming. You can branch out and do whatever you want to do, whether it be battle, cooking, fishing, crafting, alchemy, magic...

Mabinogi is the best mmo I've played in my life. You meet so many great people, amazing soundtrack, extremely unique. One of a kind and the best MMO I've ever played...

Great game and great graphics. The characters are especially well developed and I love the story lines

It's the best MMORPG I've ever played but the only reason I stopped playing is because when I got to level 30, the game forced me to start paying to actually have fun like I used to before level 30.


Pros: Great music, Good animation, Lots of classes and items, NO membership, NO pay to win (pets will only get you so far), It's on Steam

Cons: Long download, Does not seem to work on my Windows XP laptop

It's like WoW, but it has more stuff. It puts other games like Runescape into shame!

Mabinogi is by far the best MMORPG Fantasy Life out there. There are so many features that cannot be explained in this comment. PLEASE, go to mabinogi. and download and play for one hour. If you don't like it fine, but if you love it, and want more, play forever.

There's absolutely no way to explain the feel of this game through words. Try it but not by yourself. Once you join, try to find someone to show you all that you can do because it doesn't really teach you. But I guarantee you one thing.. there is NO game out there with as much freedom :P

Extremely unique, and definitely has the best game design of any mmorpg I've ever played.

The BEST mmorpg game EVER! I've played since Generation 2 and it is now generation 15, The game makers have come far, and there is Hacking sadly, but Nexon fixes it almost every time, (some hacks like visual mods (small mods) aren't fixable, but doesn't ruin game play at all! )

I am totally addicted to this game, I love it! So much variety.

A difficult game, but completely worth it.

What I love about this game:

1. No pointless grinding quests unless I want to!
2. No level limit~ No cap means the sky is the limit.
3. Deep variety of classes with the ability to hybridize yourself between several of the classes.
4. Its not dungeons upon dungeons. There are many things you can do and not be bored. If I don't feel like just mindless killing I can go fishing, or trading, or even cook!
5. The art style is adorable.

... And there's so much more that you just have to see for yourself.

Great Game, Best Battle System,3Years And Running for me, Its very addicting ^ ^

It's a shame that MMO fans always seems to want the same thing over and over. Grind. Get armor.. Grind more.

Mabinogi actaully gives you the option to do so much more. Having no classes to restrict yourself too is a plus as well. Did I mention rebirhing? Starting at level 1 with the power of someome level 1000 is great~

Used to have a perfect community, and there are SO many things to do...
It's pretty dead now though.