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181 Dead Frontier

It's a game were you can find awesome weapons and many other things heres a links to the site to play the game but the site in down so :/ when its back on you can play I guess anyways it's the best zombie MMO RPG game out there I said zombie!

182 Hello Kitty Island Adventure
183 Runescape Classic

the older version of runescape has many things the newer one hasnt,
such as the old wildy, no trade limit and no overpowered weaponry - cheese654

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184 Xiah GX (Global Xiah)

Xiah is one of the best MMORPGs out there! I've played this game for 3 years now and there is nothing else like it. Ive tried MANY games and none of them have the fun factor and that extra something else you can't categorize that makes this one of the favorites! Global Xiah just recently re-released the game on the developers main site! Check it out! It is FANTASTIC! The graphics and sound aren't the snazziest, but again this is one of those games so addicting and fun you won't care! - LekMan

This game should be Number 1! At LEAST in the top 10 of ALL time. I've played this game for years now and still can't get enough of it! Excellent game play, not overly complicated but completely fun and addictive! The old version was on Games Campus but now it's being hosted directly by Taewool (the creator). LOVE THIS GAME! - Slapper

I've played MANY MMORPGs and none of them even compare to the addictiveness and fun of this game! Don't see the link working yet so give it a google search and see what I mean! Graphics and sound not super great but still my all time favorite for SURE. - MMOPGTester

185 EuroGangster Online Mafia

Welcome yourself to one of the most popular online MMORPG games. You start off as just an ordinary gangster but soon you find yourself going to the gym, growing stronger and destined to accumulate hundreds of billions of dollars by stealing from other people, robbing banks, committing crimes, gambling, car races, robberies, you name it! You can choose to either be single or find a fellow game partner and become married to share your finances. Unlimited character energy available in our city shop, along with hundreds of other supplies including weaponry, armour, pharmacy, and much more! Completely free but optional to donate and rake in even more rare rewards! 5500 members to date, a fully operable Facebook app, do you have what it takes to be a Eurogangster, I think not. - A12BeOne

186 ClubPenguinV

Its Waddling Around And A Hole Lot f Fun! You can go on qeusts dressup be a ninja warrior and SO MUCH MORE! I personally LOVE it!

187 IMVU

Imvu was a good game in its time but now its turned into a total drama house I would recommend if you hate drama in rl you will officially hate this game the moment you try it there are 6 types of people on imvu with different personality there are furries humans elfs demons cosplayers and sex fanatics believe me imvu does not listen to its users opinions and only uses its site to gain profit from people

188 Spiral Knights
189 Pirates of the Burning Sea

Great graphics and now free to play, stunning ship designs and if you are a fan of pirate movies or any good MMO game you will love this

Best game combat engine I have ever seen. PvP is awesome and tons of PvE and economy.

190 Travian

I love this game! I was really surprised that it wasn't on the list. You get to build a village and an army, join an alliance, dominate your area, and lots of stuff.

191 Crossfire
192 Fiesta Online

I can't believe Fiesta was rated this low! I have played for 5 years. True, the questing is quite repetitive, but the skills and enemies are cool and awe-inspiring. The graphics may not be top quality, but the vibrant colors and themes make up for it. Group quests with up to 30 people and massive bosses to kill are always tons of fun. The music is very interesting and has a very "fun" feel to it, almost like music you would hear in a cheesy movie with a beach party scene. This is a great 3D MMORPG for people who want a happy-feeling, relaxed game. Low graphics card requirements make it compatible for most computers. I rate this game 8/10 and recommend it to anyone who enjoys simple RPGs.

Fiesta is way better than dragon nest it just needs more attention its not very good graphics but not very bad either it just needs people to join it and give it a try at least till level 60, and I'm sure no one will leave after that

Great games, attractive and nice people, I love the full colour-theme

Fiesta is better than dragon nest... Cool community specially in fiesta en

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193 Lucent Heart

A cute MMORPG with marriage system, dance system and best of all - friendly community and awesome GMs. This game is a MUST PLAY.

194 Order & Chaos

Love the game is very fun and very addictive. Took me about a week to get my toon to level 70. The one problem I have the game is that to get ultimate gear you have to kill world bosses daily and the reward for killing the world bosses is used to craft ultimate weapon. The issue is that in order to kill a world boss you need a very large group of players to beat it. My problem with that is that when am online no one is ever at world bosses. And when people are at world bosses there is always one very strong toon killing the people trying to kill the world boss.

Nice game I hope to join and play for free for ever becouse I'm pour :(

195 Mafia Returns

Mafia Returns - The mafia browser based game set in the US prohibition era. Start off as a low ranked thug and see if you have what it takes to become the Godfather. Manage your crew, rule by fear, rule by respect, or rule by numbers - the choice is yours!

196 Atlantica Online

Surprised to see it so low. My new laptop sucks so I can't play anymore, it's so annoying. - Joeflan

Atlantica in 196? If This game in top 100 this game will be reach top 30
And MMORPG? Audition? Crossfire? War Rock? What a dumb people

Why This Game At Rank 179? Atlantica Is a very very good MMORPG. Why People can't see it? This game have a lot of quest and fiture.

197 Iris Online
198 Gaia Online

A large multi-player community where connections are made through the forums, mmorpgs, and the collection of rare items. Lots of socializing and befriending on this website!

Holy fawkin sheet I loves Gaia online! People need to play it more often

199 Fallen Earth

Based on Fallout. A great change from casting and slashing games. Different skills like melee, handgun, and rifle.. Come and try.

200 FusionFall

I remembered when I played this game in my childhood just to fight monsters, complete lots of quests for clothing, newer weapons, and nanos, earn more experience to get to a higher level, and on occasions, even if I wasn't on the right level, I would explore the bigger cities! It's a shame that the game is gone. :(

One of the best MMORPG for kids who see cartoon shows. This game allows the players to explore Cartoon Network universe

A very indepth game that keeps you wanting to never stop playing, Cartoon Nework's Fusionfall is the best game they have created.

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