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221 Free Realms

You could be anythong you wanted to be! Adventurer, chef, ninja, cart racer, and so much more!

Free realms is one of the best 3d free mmorpg with a huge world to explore and jobs to do iam surprised to find it in 183 position. I thought it would be in top 50 positions

222 LaTale

Good graphics, community and pvp is awesome. Grinding with a party is fun and with a exp potion its even better.

223 Syberia
224 The Last Stand: Dead Zone
225 FIFA Online

This game about football

226 Legend of Edda
227 Rift Planes of Telera
228 ArcheAge

Archeage ain't out yet, but everyone who's taken a proper look at it. Knows that it will reach the tops

229 MapleStory Japan

Kinda awesome then maplesea because it got awesome exclusive character

230 Pirate101

It's a fun game, you get to battle with ships, fight mobs, and have companions! You can level up companions also! It's also same creators as Wizard101.

One of the most entertaining family friendly games. Great game to help families spend time together.

I love this game I'm a swashbuckler and I play every Sunday

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231 Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
232 DarkRO

The best game ever! - freeza

233 Wildstar
234 Stormthrone

This is an interesting game with fantasy lore and has a cool selection of characters! I love it!

235 The 4th Coming

Really fun and addictive game. You do not choose your character you mold your character with every level up. Great quests, items, and best part it is mainly free.

236 eKidnaWorld
237 Florensia Online
238 Vindictus

Taken over from Mabinigion. Have played it for 3 months now and would
Recomend it to any fan of swords 'n socery hack 'n slash. Tons of content
And a good community. Graphics look lovely. Very atmospheric locations.
If you like offline games such as Skyrim you'll love this

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239 Grepolis
240 Sherwood Dungeon

It sucks now (it has a really bad community) but back in 2008 it was one of the best browsers MMORPGs.
It is a simple game but even today it is a pretty good experience.

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