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The top ten massive multiplayer online role-playing games to date.

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21 Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is probably the best game I've ever played. It's quite possible that it will never be topped. What's even better is that it even competes with all games that are made today. I've played WoW and diablo 2. Those are 2 very addicting games but they're only addicting for about a week or so. I've always ALWAYS managed to come back to RO and I've been playing for about 3 years. Without a doubt there is something about the community, competition, and the cuteness about this game that is very attractive and is very enticing. And on top of that it's SUPER SUPER SUPER fun with a group. Solo play is fun but if you have a group it becomes 10x better. Deserves #1 on the list

Nothing yet has managed to top raganrok online, I think the main reason is that this game is plain perfect for team playing...
I've been playing this from the start among lots of other online games and its still far better then any other I know... It has been updated constantly and it still gets updates.

If you consider that this is so high on the list event though its pretty much ancient, it deserves number 1...

I love the level of customization that the game has. Many items and classes. It's a game that's managed to keep me interested for years. Don't let the graphics fool you, give it a try!

One of the best & Classic MMORPG... Good Anime Style Graphics(2.5D Graphic Games are Always Beautiful) & best Music..People who play'd between 2002- 2012 will know the Value of this Game.

For me,This Game is about the excitement,the exploration, the Friends, The PVP, Sitting & Chatting, The peaceful Times..
1000 MMORPG's may come & go but not 1 will give the Same Feeling RO Gives...Not one

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22 City of Heroes/Villians

I've played this game and I have to say it has impressed and inspired mme to try other MMORPGs, although its loosing a lot of players to newer games. I still believe this game should rank in #1 though, but thats just me. Plus you'll hardly ever find bots. I played for 3 months and quit. Then I started a 14 free trial made a new character and got to lvl 17 within 2 weeks. After that I still want more I'm trying to get back on this game as we speak. Well what I was getting at is that I have NEVER had more than 2 bots talk to me in my whole entire life. Now RuneScape is swarming with them.. and yet it ranked #4. I use to play Runescape and I had a lvl 97 and lvl 76. I quit though because Jagex ruined Runescape. Their billions of bot, no wild, no PvP, bad graphics, Boring quest, too many beggers, and its just plain boring. I have never had any problems with CoH/V and I think it should be ranked #1.

CoH/V has tremendous options for players of all ilk, be you like player-vs-player, following a storyline, crafting items, hunting for badges, leveling, character creation variety, action, or just roleplay, this game has got it. Better still, it can be played obsessively or occasionally and still be fun. The only downside has been a drop in the number of players on some servers. Be sure to check which ones are the most active before you create your character on the wrong one. While soloing is okay, teaming is best in this game, so active servers are best.

The Character customization is amazing, along with the powers. Everything is fluid, and the powers are well made and animated. All it needs s a little bit more pvp

COH was my first venture into mmorpg gaming. I loved the ability to totally customize my avatar, from appearance to powers. The community was outstanding as evidenced by their efforts still today to bring COH back. A perfect example of a game gone too soon.

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23 Dragonica

It's an addictive game when you've first started.
I can't even stop playing when in school.

I love to play this game... There are many 4 wonderful jobs like magician, arche, thief and warrior... Each of the are divided into 2 other jobs... This game can make new friends and can be married... The clothes are just so cute and the skills in the game are do awesome! If you want to know more go ahead and play the game... I know you won't regret it!
Vote for Dragonica people! #1

I play this game a lot and it's so cool, graphics and all, even the characters are cute! And it was the first mmorpg I played

So Good at I can die

24 Everquest

Don't understand why this game isn't in top ten. It pretty much defined the mmorpgs and was the top one in late 90's and early 2000's. Main problem with game is its constant change that happens. Leave for 6 months come back and the game does not even looks the same. The game today doesn't even look like the original game. Definitely more challenging then wow though. Hated losing exp, got in a lot of fights on game for people getting you killed. Losing hours of exp and having to beg clerics for rezz sucked.

I recently quit playing Everquest after nearly a decade. Back from the beginning EverQuest had a HUGE following, and the numbers have definitely faltered, but if you guys don't give EverQuest the respect that it deserves, you all deserve to rot in hell for taking the new games for granted. Without this ground-breaker (plus Dark Age of Camelot, and Eve-Online *which recently broke into year 11*) a lot of the games you have now like WoW and other huge MMO's wouldn't be what they are.

I can't believe Everquest is not on top 10, it is the MOTHER of all these MMORPGS you see. It was the first mmorpg with 3D and immersive world! I remember the first time I entered Oasis the excitement and the astonishing visuals. On another note, every other mmorpg that came out including wow, daoc or wtv all originate from EQ with modifications to make them better.

Everquest is my favorite MMO. I played it from its release until EQ2 was released and then because I was so disappointed with the way they changed mobs in EQ2 so some are for solo and others are for groups and it just destroyed the immersive RPG atmosphere that was in EQ that I quit playing EQ games. EQ is better than EQ2 as far as immersion and atmosphere goes. Daybreak runs EQ now and I'm considering starting the game all over again. =) The graphics may be dated but other than that the game has no rival in 2017. It's the best MMO ever made.

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25 DC Universe Online

I have no idea how this game hasn't been added to the list yet! To be fair this forum is purely wiki, in the sense that the users are the ones who make the list, but surely some of you have played DCUO! It is an amazing MMORPG and the console controls are smooth as butter! Too many people these days are dwelling in the overrated games of today's era. World of Warcraft is nowhere near better than Star Wars: The Old Republic, yet WoW is ranked 1st and SWTOR is 151st. Despicable.

Brilliant game and truly unique! I wanted to try something different and this is it. You really should give it a go. Flying around Metropolis & Gotham is great fun in and of itself and the powers are great. Free to play too!

Like reading comics? How about being yourself a superhero of comic stories. Not being batman or superman. Create your own superhero and feel like you are saving the world with your hands. Man... That just awesome. And the only MMORPG that offers you that is DC Universe Online. Enjoy!

This game is great, be your own comic hero and fly around Gotham and metropolis as much as you want, definitely a must play

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26 Diablo 2

This game Changed my life in so many ways, to truly feel immersed in it is to forget your own reality, from the online gameplay mechanics to the stylish art that accompanies it, this game embodies the meaning of legendary, best game of all time for me period!

It was the very best since the release of the 1.10 version which totally ruined the game.. This game had the ability to make you forget your problems and live in a legendary online world!

This game is the best game ever I have played this game since it came out and always will even though diablo 3 is out now I still prefer this game over that... its 2014 and this is still my favorite game ever

Not an MMO - jstephen

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27 Adventurequestworlds

This game is one of my top favorite games. I'm max level and have the most op class in the game. If you wanted a simple not so laggy mmorpg game to play this is the game that is just for you.

Pay-to-win. Members get better and earlier enhancements and by buying boosts you can save yourself time.

It would be better if would be like in 15 or 14 because its simple and kinda hard to get things too

Awesome game, I played it for the whole summer vacation nonstop

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28 Lord Of The Rings: Shadows Of Angmar

I am an expert dedicated and proud hard core gamer throughout the MANY years, of all types and any types of games. I have played far and wide, from pc, to Nintendo64, coin-machines, ps3, to portable hand-held games, and everything in-between. And for someone of my expertise and experience to tell you a game is GOOD! Takes a lot, not even good, AMAZINGLY MIND-BLOWING! So mash that the MMORPG Wow, has been compared to it!, and not the other way around. In term of its advanced graphics, Combat system, community, quest, massive content, and over-all experience, it stands above and alone, and beyond! So mush, that it has won numerous awards of all the deranged types, throughout its five year life span which is pretty incredible, and that is not even scratching the very top of the barrel. This LOTR Mmorpg holds the most massive World ever developed, so much that there still expanding, and not even half way done, yet! And NOW has become A FULL FREE TO PLAY GAME! Instead of purchasing it! It ...more

LOTRO is a mix between beautifull images perfectly crafted and a a story that is simply unbeliveable, diferents ways to fight and even be in the light side or be in the dark side

Been playing this game since release. Played nearly every game on this list, and I can say, this game has the most dedicated staff out there. The amount of content that they put into this game is astounding. They do not stop, and are no where close to finishing their goals. Great support, great fan base. The game itself keeps driving you on to do more, very much like Everquest did. Great visuals, and story to satisfy the best of Tolkien fans. If you haven't played it, please give it a try. You won't be disappointed in what is there. For those that have left the game, I play a ton of games, and in so doing, have left for months at a time, but always end up coming back, and playing like an Evercrack addict.

Most people are unaware that during 2010-2011, this was WoW's biggest competition. Recently, the developers who cared about the game broke off, took the license with them, and made their own company, which means it's regaining a developer team that cares about their product

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29 Adventure Quest Worlds

An awesome game with many quests and lots of killing monsters, you can get to level 50 and dominate pvp or get different classes and abilities to kill things with.

30 Phantasy Star Online
31 Wizard101

WHAT? lol 73? wow you guys suck, I have played this game for a little over 7 years, almost 2 months after the game was realeased :D to all your other games can suck it, exept maybe WoW cause that game is pretty fun too.

This game is FREAKING AWESOME. I have played it for about 6 months and I am hooked! This amazing game should at least be in the top 5 if not number one! I would reccomend this to any age group. It's very family friendly with fun characters too!

This game is the most well rounded game on this list HANDS DOWN. It starts simple enough for kids to play. My kid was able to play before he could even read. It evolves into a very complicated proceediing that will challenge the most seasoned hard core gamers. Especially if you PvP. And if THAT'S not enough for you, step out onto the Pet Derby race track. This part of the game involves breeding pets, training them to gain racing skills, and then racing other pets. It's VERY fast. As fast as any racing game out there. Like I said, something for everyone. It really does.

Awesome for anyone of any age - bolide

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32 Granado Espada

Receiving several Internationa l MMORPG Award in Graphics, Characters and Quest Story Line. This game should be in top 5. It has a comprehensive package.. very supportive customer service team and expert software programmers and supports, customize regional services catering to mature players only.. and with 500,000 subscribers worldwide.. proof that this game rated the best

top 5 NOW! this game its EPIC! 3 character for fun! and others 80 to choose, man, this game deserves to be in the top 5

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33 Need for Speed: World
34 Mabinogi

Mabinogi is the best free MMO out there, and probably the best MMO I've ever played. I couldn't get into WOW, I grew out of Runescape, Guild Wars got tedious, and it was hard for me to slog through the total mess that is Maple Story.

The core mechanics are extremely fun and easy to pick up, there are a large volume of activities to undertake, and the graphics are very good for a free game, with finely drawn portraits. It's also just a joy to play, and the grinding is nearly non-existant, though some of the fetch quests are irritating.

Some people say, " COMPLICATED, " after playing Mabinogi for like 3 minutes, but it's actually a very simple game. The point and click interface is pristine and it never feels cluttered. The variety of skills that you can learn range from just combat mastery to various life skills, which are all VERY, VERY FUN to use. And with Generation 1 and the cash shops, tons of new possibilities have opened up.

There are so many ...more - TheAI

I haven't played a lot of MMOs, but of the ones I've played, Mabinogi is a very nice game-- Unique graphic style, great music, HUGE amount of content, enjoyable characters and interesting storyline. The only problems I have are that having to move around a lot can get tedious (especially since there's time constraint on your rides), the dungeons can get pretty tough and the character creation could be better. But overall, I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a game to play just for fun.

One thing for sure, it's free. The world of Mabinogi is fascinating since it has content that aren't found in other games because it is based off of a bit of Irish mythology and also has content relating to Shakespeare and other things as well. The story in Mabinogi is also more in depth than what you would find in other games.

Used to have a perfect community, and there are SO many things to do...
It's pretty dead now though.

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35 GraalOnline

While this game is decent, a lot of items are expensive and the only way to get a lot of money is a 24-hour quest for eye patches, which can get frustrating since a lot of people are always there. A lot of people are also very rude (calling you a noob, telling to kill yourself, etc.). I know online bullying happens a lot, but I see it happen a lot more often in this game. Unless you like farming for money and don't mind a rude fanbase, then I DON'T recommend playing this. Play WoW instead, it's way better. - xSepticGirlx

1. Cool item and event
2. Can play on phone, facebook and download to computer

36 Dark Age of Camelot

I played this game for 2+ years, very well done, it's a shame they sold out to a huge conglomerate. I do not know if they will still be competative as they move on through the corprate world and try to make games while also cutting jobs to satisfy some CEO.
I only stopped playing due to real life matters, this is one of the greatest if not the greatest MMORPGs of all time, never to be forgotten

Dark Age of Camelot is to this day, the game that has provided me with the best gaming experience overall. It had excellent PvP, decent PvE and maintained a healthy competitive atmosphere between the three realms. If they would develop Dark Age of Camelot - The Sequel (no, I don't consider Warhammer Online a sequel to DAoC), I would buy it without even hesitating.

Best game ever.

Daoc , one of the worlds best games of all times. The brilliance of 3 realms all at war , and a battleground to go fight ...!! That's total fun fun fun - I have tried other games through out the 5 years of playing . I always ALWAYS go back to DAOC . I only wish EA would re-examine the marketing.If you like PvE this is your game . If you like PvP this is your game.I am at 5 yrs 6 mths and still going.

This MMO is literally the bar in which any fantasy PvP, particularly mass warfare, is measured against. Now a 15 yr old game, and there hasn't been a notable example of another MMO that did it better. A perfect storm of breath of options, imperfect balance, and socialization not only made a great PvP game, but a social experience as well.

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37 Cabal Online

This game is awesome! The subtitle its revolution of action and they really mean it! It just rock, great fight system. Combo mode what make's game faster and get a kick ass with it. It has spectacular skills, I think the best looking of all online games. I really recommend this game! Just play it and see

Excellent Game. Although it's free and easy to play

Powered by MrHelper The best games online play too free 4EVER

Awesome Graphic.!
Being cabal player for 6 years.
A very good game, that make me stop play maple and some offline game lolx.
Go Cabal

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38 Roblox

The best game its a very epic game for kids and teen and adults plus its virtual and you can build your own world or you can battle against other people this is the #1 Game Of all Time and if you didn't play this you're totally a fool of yourself so check the game out now.

Roblox should be number one or two the amount of programming and community integration you would feel as if you it were real life. You can make friends, build and script games in a way no other mmorg will allow you to, and you can create groups and battle between one another in massive raids. It's a whole different community as has all ages on it. It is extremely fun.

I love playing with people, but I find that a lot of people think that they're higher than everyone else. - LemonComputer

I'm only voting because I grew up with this game - Phillip873

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39 Clash of Clans
40 Queen's Blade
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