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41 Rusty Hearts
42 R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud
43 Monster Hunter Frontier Online
44 Destiny Online
45 Dragon Nest (SEA)

Simply awesome on all levels! Great graphics, really interesting storyline which is fun to follow along as well as lots of free choice in the game from own combos to your armor. In no time you will be loving the game. Also it includes duels, awesome bosses and some amusing character designs. Overall the game is enjoyable on all levels and not to hard to keep up with exempt for the storyline.

The best you ever had! It will make you crazy over it! The designs are of high quality and you couldn't miss it! You can customize your own combos with different skills and the PvP is most amazing! You can use your own skill build, enhance your own weapon and armors and etc...

The best MMORPG ever. It has stunning graphics, breath-taking skills, wide-variety of class, different dungeons, and also, life-stealing combos!

RelArnado... very best game in the world

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46 Diablo 3

This game ist the best

With RoS really nice

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47 Metin2

Addicting... Fun... nice graphics and super awesome
although people get bored at making money

It is very exiting upgrading weapons and fun level up your guy. And its cool if you have a lot of money

Nice game and I think it's one of the games that will NEVER die.

But it has a lot of donators so if you want to be good you must give some money..

I LOVE metin2

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48 Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

God I missed this game so much This deserves to be higher on the list People who watched Cartoon Network since 90 s wanted their own version of WoW. - Aguythatpeopleignores

It is a very awesome game you make a charactor do missions
And have a lot of fun playing

49 Knight Online World

This game is truly amazing. The best part of the PvP is that there is a weekly war between the two sides where hundreds of players crash on a battle field and the winner then teleports to the enemy homeland to invade. Be warned though, this is the most hardcore MMO I've played. You could make 10 level 80s on WoW before maxing one character on KO. I left because the time investment required was too much for me. Even though I've left, I had a great time with KO. Try it.

Knight online simplifies most of MMORPG aspects but has the best PVP system of all. Imagine, you are LEVEL 1, but there are already pvp events you can enjoy! Even now is 2012 but this game is still not too old, people who love to pvp and show off some skills instead of easily spamming some buttons like in all other games enjoy KO the most.

This game rocks, it is one of the best online game ever. This game is awesome if you didn't play this game you are losing don't wait and play the game you are gonna be

It's the best

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50 9Dragons

This game is epic! 9 Clans 4 Roles, lots of players, lightfoot!
It's kinda simple, but really addicting. I always come back to play it after other games, It's different from other games.

Nice graphics, runs well on my 1.66ghz laptop. It's based heavily on Chinese history/mythology so the only race selection is human. You can duel but only one map has true pvp so you can quest in safety for the most part. So far I've had at least one quest per level which breaks up the grind very nicely.

9 dragons is the best martial arts game:-D. I play that game 1 yer

One of the best games EVER! Simply my favorite Martial arts MMORPG I have every played, brings you back no matter what and is VERY addicting! You can never have enough of this game, worth a shot!

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51 Ragnarok Online 2

This game will change the meaning of mmorpg

52 Age of Conan

Free game, fantastic graphics, great fun...
I really like the way I can control my character's development in skills and feats (and looks) and make him unike. Not to forget the variety of choices regarding tactics and movement in combat. Success in combat depends on the gamers choices in all matters mentioned.
But the game is very addictive, so for me it won't be free for much longer. I want it all.

Not for the kiddies, this mature themed game will give you countless hours of quality entertainment. Great for pro's and casual, group and solo players alike. All quests up to level 22 or so, are voiced adding quality to the game with hopefully more to come. Unlike so many other free to play games, this one is fun to play for all, subscribers just get more inventory space, bank space, class creation options and so on.

Incredibly undermined game. It's very intellectual and actually has a compelling story. Graphics are amongst the best. Dedicated community, just a shame so few people give it a try.

Still the best MMO out there!

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53 WarHammer Online

The focus on rvr in this game where everything you do lends to your factions war effort is simply revolutionary.. that along with lots of different classes, keep sieges and capital city sieges are going to be something to behold.

I believe this game will surpass WOW as the dominant mmorpg on the planet!

i'm surprised WarHammer isn't number 1 on the list! - Silverwing13

its only in closed beta but IT OWNS EVERYTHING!!!!!

It s the best

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54 Tibia

True; graphics sucks, but look at the role playing and pvp. There are 4 classes..
1. Knight
2. Paladin
3. Sorcerer
4. Druid

There are constant updates.

There is also a new project made by "Cipsoft" (the company which created tibia) about a 3D game.

What this game lacks in Graphics it makes up for in mythology. The game itself contains more myths than you will ever be able to explore. With no level cap, and many different quests (Some still haven't been discovered! ) This game takes the checkered flag for me. Sorcerer's will always rule!

Probably the best Community, and pvp based game out there. It's got old graphics, but that's because is was the first mmorpg to ever come out. It actually revolves around players skill, not just the game story. It's an open game where you can literally do ANYTHING! You can own your own house, and go kill someone that knocks on your door.

In my opinion the best MMORPG, I literally have played this game for more than 3000 hours, it never gets boring.

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55 Dota 2

Horrible, I mean HORRIBLE. Graphics? HORRIBLE. Game Mechanics HORRIBLE. Everything is HORRIBLE in this game, my suggestion, don't ever, EVER PLAY IT! It is a complete WASTE OF TIME!

Dota 2 is the best - FINN_THE_HUMAN

Why is this not top 5? or at least above LOL

BEtter than LOL

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56 2Moons

This game is tthe best you can make your partyies and share your exp and i cant believe it runescape in the top 10 im lvl 150 and is the worst game i have ever played even runescape 2 and 3 you should play 2moons because its the best top 10 in the real game awards and it came 3rd you should play it now!!!!!!!

One of the best Mmorpg games out there for free! Amazing pvp system and loads of quest to complete. Staff are always providing great events and updating. Effects of skills are epic and dungeons provide intense boss battles and great story lines. Not a game for people who don't take gaming and leveling seriously. If you haven't tried it... You're missing out.

I play 2Moons, the name of this game now its dekaron, its a amazing game with PVE/PVP/PK sistem.

recomended fure sure.

Really, people should try this game, it's better than a lot of the top ten...

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57 Lord of the Rings Online

What, why is this 57, its much better then most of the games above it...

58 Club Penguin

WHY do people like this game? Sure, I liked this game WHEN I WAS 7. It is just Disney's cash cow which takes no effort to make. The games got repetitive really fast, and the items are HIDEOUS now. You need to pay for membership in order to actually have fun on the game. It isn't even fun though. It's not worth your money either. I can't believe that they closed down Toontown for THIS. Toontown was fun even if you didn't have membership. It was more fun when you had membership. You could have a GREAT time. Also, you could still make friends even if you didn't have membership. However, on Club Penguin, if you didn't have membership, everyone would make fun of you because you couldn't do ANYTHING. Overall, Club Penguin is just a cash cow for Disney made for little kids.

This game rocks! I am 13 and I have been playing for 7 years. It is very addictive. It's for both boys and girls and a cool, fun place to chat on. You may also play mini games to earn coins which you use to buy clothes and furniture for your very own igloo. You also can adopt pets called "puffles" which can also be quite fun. Most puffles can be utilized in mini games, too - which may result in your coins doubling. Not to mention stamps and pins... But I won't tell you about that, you'll have to find out more! You might even see some ninja's there! Hopefully you have what it takes to become one. P.S. this game should be at least 2nd best!

Club Penguin is the greatest thing that has ever happened to my life! I love the way you don't have to pay to do everything and you can have fun and chat. If I were to sum it up in only one word it would be AMAZING! If this is a proper list Club Penguin should be number 1 or 2!

This game is amazing! I love it!

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59 Zenoblade Chronicles

When I went on this list, I expected zenoblade chronicles. - PPPPPPINGAS

60 Flyff

Flyff is a pretty amazing game, its free and has great graphics. The gameplay is like a 7/10 and pvp is like a 4/10 but if you need a game to occupy you for a little while choose Flyff, sure you'll get bored and quit after a while but in the mean time its pretty fun

In all honesty, after playing WoW, Aion, Maplestory, and many more, FlyFF will always be my favorite game of all time. If you have the opportunity, I'd suggest you try the game. Getting your friends to play with you makes it even better!

Flyff has the best community of all mmorpgs I have ever seen. Graphics are not ever important. And there are so much things to do, its only fun!

Flyff has an incredible community, everybody is helping eachother. The graphic is still pretty sweet for a game of this age, animations and skills look even better than some from recent games.
If you wanna chillout, you know what game you need to play ;)
Flyff was my childhood and is still (after 8+ years) a part of my life

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