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61 Battleon

All of Artix Entertainment games- battleon, AQworlds, mechquest, epicduel are beast and have maybe over a million users online. AQworlds in fact MADE A CARD GAME IN TOYS ARE US NOW! THAT IS ONLY POSSIBLE WITH A MASSIVE GAME.

This game is so addicting!. I played this for 2 years I think. It is so addicting that last time I stopped playing then months later I played just one time and I'm being addicted on this game! It's character designs are very good because the characters some people don't like it but it's design is good for me and also the design is also good for young children playing the game. While the weapon designs are so good too! BATTLE ON!

I really love this game the graphics arent very good but overall a good game.

There is weekly releases, how often do you see that. I have been playing since beta. It's free and has no downloads, over a million people have liked it on Facebook. By the way I'm talking about Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) it is the best.

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62 The Sims Online
63 Kalonline

so much to learn, so much to see ,this game will take time to get a high level but well worth being the best of the best ,raise eggs to full adult status and make other players green with envy ,upgrade weapons to the peak and make lots of new friends plus no annoying gm constantly hassling you

Kal Online is best game ever;)nice story and gameplay.I play this game 1year and i want more and more!! - fearcd

Kalonline is a Game for Mad player, you need more 6 Month for 1 Lvl after you reach lvl 55+
I stop it

Its pretty working :D and very cool game

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64 Dragon Ball Online

Awesome! I mean, it's a MMORPG of Dragon Ball! - ale4leo

Who don't like dragonball? Losers that's who!

Dragonball Online is awesome if you like Dragonball and Dragonball Z. GT isn't in it, also you can play it if you follow this website DBOCOM.cOM they have guides on there and anyone can use the language patch its pretty easy.

In the game you can create your own character and become either a Human (They have a tiny percentage of saiyan blood so you can eventually get super saiyan), Namek (Who can turn into a Giant namek) and A majin character who can turn into Kid buu when transforming.

If you like dragonball z then this is the game for you.

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65 Epic Duel

The most addicting game ever! I've been playing for over 3 years, and its a great game for boys and girls of all ages (most people on this are teenagers)

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66 Asheron's Call

Once a great game; still one of the greatest every made as history goes, but if you don't already have an account with a "higher" level character the grind to "near-end-game" content is unbearable even for hardcore gamers. Graphics are poor (now that is) but remember this did release in 99! If you are a "one game, one character forever!" type of gamer, this still is a great one but don't expect to be up there in levels for perhaps a year. Lack of server merger possibilites makes this game totally dead to me as there aren't enough folks online to even give an mmo feel in the least. If the whole game as it is were to be graphically updated, merged to just a couple servers, and everyone started over at level 1 - would still hang as a GREAT if not THE GREATEST game out!!

AC is now 13 years old and still has a strong following. It may not be huge but we are a dedicated bunch. There as many reasons for loving this game as there are players. These days it is not difficult to level up to max within a couple months. Always seeing old players coming back, even after being away several years and the theme for coming back is because AC still has the best community and gameplay ever. Here is to another 10 years AC, maybe people will having there grandkids playing this game in the future!

This was the greatest MMORPG ever. The game had serious PVP action, and there were penalties to being killed. One had to being very skilled to kill an opponent in battle. This game was not for small children for it was far too difficult to master. One could join the real warriors on a PVP server to get the real experience. One always wonders why there was never another release of this game. Everyone who played knows Asheron's call 2 was a total flop, but that is what happens when one fixes what is not broken.

Best game ever. Started 2001. I've played wow, I've played d3, I'm currently still playing SWTOR to see how it gets, but most of all, I'm playing AC STILL after all these years. I have 1 top level chracter. I am working on another. It is so addicting, there is tons of community now that AC2 went public again and free, lots of returners. Honestly, I think its one of the best hardcore, close to paper RP's get, and just so good.

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67 Toontown

I Used to play this game... A lot! I was hooked, I loved this game, it was colourful, funny, fun and so addictive. You'll find yourself on this game for hours. The only thing I disliked about this game was the fact you couldn't type your own messages to players, I understand it's a kids game (which is why I stopped playing) but they should be allowed to talk to other players freely and not be forced to use quick chat. Honestly this game is worth the money every month. (there is a free to play version)

Really fun game to play. If you like Wizard 101 you will like this. Graphics are pretty good but not amazing. This is a Disney Game and is mainly for kids. But some adults play on too. I recommend playing this game.

I've been playing since I was six! Arguably the best RPG I have ever played. It never ends, and is very fun, although you're internet connections to it's servers might screw up

Its awesome!

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68 Anarchy Online

Greatest game I've ever played hands down. The in depth storyline, massive world that you'll never see every inch of, is without a doubt an inspiration to any game designer. I challenge anyone to create a game like this. The only downside is the graphics engine. The game was launched in 2001, and the only way to get some decent graphics is to play in shadowlands. The original game area is sub dated. When Funcom launches the revamped graphics, I'll be back in a heart beat.

A huge and complex game but with more flexibility and variety than most other MMOs. It's one of those games that though you make take a break from it sometimes you always find yourself going back eventually. I've played on an off since the Beta days (mid 2001) and I still enjoy it to this day.

Nice game with many opportunities. Just come and play and enjoy it!

I've been playing the game off and on since it's release in 2001. It's w/o question, one of the very best designed games out there, and if only the graphics could keep up w/the times, it would still be one of the best. The newest engine, which is in Beta, I don't know what game engine is being used, supports DX9. Just image the game w/a totally new graphics engine being used like CryEngine 3 or Unreal 4. Of course that would mean doing a totally rewrite of the entire game I would imagine.

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69 Perfect World

Perfect world is simply the most beautiful online game to date. The character customisation system let's you create a perfect copy of anyone and if that perfect someone doesn't exist, you can let your imagination go wild thanks to the unlimited posibilities. It is much more complex than sims 2.
Perfect world invites players to explore and interact with each other. The combat system will not impress from the start, but it is most challenging thanks to the combos and acrobatics that can be used to help later on.
The most stunning thing about the game is the graphics. A perfect world needs perfect graphics and this game has that. It captivates in such a way that you will be itching to explore.
If that isn't enough, there is also the option to fly, which is very usefull to cover distances and even for combat purposses.
You have to see it to believe it. Perfect world is the best game since wow and it's so beautiful, it'll bring tears to your eyes.

The graphics of this game are amazing. It is also really interesting in that during the first 30 levels or so there are many quests and things you can do. Thus you hardly spend any time grinding compared to in other games like Runescape. I have played RS for a long time but only recently started playing PW and has so far really enjoyed playing it.

I play this game everyday, and it give us a real fantasy world to play, unique skills very excyting, custumizations for characters, BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE, and more and more things that you can excecute here.

The graphic so cool, community is very good, that why I pick PW above all mmorpg

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70 Risk Your Life

Its is the best mmorpg I ever play maybe... Nice graphic... Item.. And class system. And you have full control of your character and anything is possible. The Best mmorpg I ever ply

Amazing control system! You'll know what I mean if you played it before.

It's the bet mmorpg that is way better than ffxi, WoW, and for the most part, its free to play forever

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71 Dofus

Best Game Ever! You can do everything in this Awesome game, you can eat food and drink, you can level super high like a level 199, you can have 5 characters to make, and there is 12 different classes to choose from, like a Archer who shoots arrows, a character that fights with bombs and summons them, a Summoner, which summons a tofu, a gobball, and more to protect you! Also another class is a Sacrier, which gets a lot more health points than other classes which gives you an advantage to fighting, You can create and join guilds Place a percptator, anyways, there is No doubt a lot more things to do in the game and ill leave you to figuring that out. You will most likely be a fan of this game if you played, I've already become addicted and I'm a TRUE FAN. I hope you will vote for this game to be the top ten, because I know this game REALLY deserves it!

Oh my gosh! I can not EXPLAIN how wonderful this game is. Adorable graphics, amazing scenery, adventurous map, EVERYTHING! I don't know what this doesn't have.. the ability to eat and drink.. ? Just kidding, you can do that too! AND it's free for a limited amount of space, but you could still get to a pretty high level, and subscribing is ALWAYS worth it. You can also have professions where you can bake bread, make your armor, anything you need. You'll never forget this game if you try it, the monsters and characters are so original, it's so much fun to try out all the different classes.

It's a must play. No doubt about it. And I'll always be a true fan.

I played it 4 years, I'm quitting now because much homework I had much fun and its a good game with sometimes a update for new stuff

There are much servers and for every Language.
You meet new friends and you get fast money.
But one downside is if you are not a subscriber that you have only a small piece of land.

Very good game I was playing it for last 3 years every winter... (i always get hacked I stopped... ) but still it is a very good game!

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72 Conquer Online

Conquer at 31 place that is so impossible conquer online has made a great job conquer online have the most players that play on this game it's nice first the one will be week but play it and you will be gd then strong then stronger then a great killer this game has the most strongest and the smartest players that play on it this game has many classes like ninja'monk'water-fire tooist'warrior'trojan'archer and pirate, This game gave so many nice skills to use it and so many nice quest and maps and adventures and so many nice weapon from level 5 tell level 140 and we have a kind of weapon normal' refined' unique' Elite' super + we have a stones that we can compose is to our items and we have in this game a dragon souls for each class p1' p3 ' phase4' p6 dragon souls and you will have so many friends there and when you be strong you can make your on guild and fight the other guilds or you can make any guild an ales with your guild or an enemy play this game you will have allot of fun ...more

I vote!... This is the best compared to all online games ever... Compared to all online games I've played, conquer online seems to be the perfect. I love the graphics, characters, weapons, gears, quest, etc. For me it's the number one online game. I will not further explain 'WHY' in detail... There's a lot of players all over the world that are crazy of this powerful game. I know, they know and all conquer players know how cool this game is compared to other games.. I've played all online games.. So far, in this game, I a'm challenge.. The name itself, "conquer" defines the game very well. To those who haven't experienced conquer online, come and join us.. See the difference of excitement of the game. No matter what server you gonna log in, surely, you will be challenged and enjoy. I doubt if you can't think of your characters every second and play it again after trying to understand the game. Simply you will seek for it. Furthermore, all online games is easy for me to play and easy ...more

Conquer Online should be the 5th or something Conquer Online got the Best Game Play Ever and need some additions in Graphics and it will be perfect Also Conquer is getting more popular By time sO.. Conquer to be the 30 that sucks in my opinion :O

Game not good its too hard tq want only money

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73 Hero Online

Best free mmorpg ever. Can have pets like wolf, reindeer, bears, lions, tigers, etc. Awesome graphics, awesome quests, awesome weapons, awesome everything if u don't believe me check it out urself.

too bad I am having difficulty trying to play it from linux. Else, it would be my top pick.

74 Tales of Pirates Online

BEST FREE 3D GAME EVER!!! Deadly combination of great graphics and outstanding gameplay ( GvG PvP Quest Ships Forging Buy-n-Sell Hunting ) Awesome cartoonish theme/style will just blew your mind away. It's something different and absolutely a lot of fun. What can be better than being a Pirate!! ARrRR....

Low graphics, great character builds, amazing PvP, GvG. The game is easy to master and server lag is definitely no worries. Played this game since 2006 (when it got released) and I still love playing it today, the game gets lots of more fun past lv 40.

I played this game for 2 years and never got bored, the animation is good and the skills look awesome go and play and see for yourself!

This is the best online game ever... And I make no apologies laugh out loud

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75 Rising Force Online

RF is a very unique mmorpg because of its sci-fi theme. Fantasy game are every common and we have to try something new.This is the only game that can give you both fantasy and sci-fi action. Choose from the Cybernetic Accretians, Mech raider Bellatos and the Mystical Coras. Try this game it will blow you! JUST TRY IT!

...i think this game is not very famous because of being expensive and rare. This is not a global MMORPG as well that made it unknown...try to play the game and you'll discover what's the true meaning of MMORPG. RF ROCKS!!!

Go MAU, you got nothing on those guys!

Best game I ever loved!

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76 Habbo Hotel

This game is swell... You can become a business.. Or a worker.. Talk and make friends.. And be creative... Only the price is a bit high for the junk...

I don't think habbo is not fun. I am not sad because I spent so much time on it. Maybe to much IRL money, but it is also fun if you don't buy anything

Meet Up With Friends, Build Hotel Rooms, Collect Rares And Play!

77 DarkOrbit

Very simple compared to other space based online games!
Love it but very challenging

This Game Is AMAZING. I'm seriously picky when it comes to games but the content in this is awesome, it's the thrill of playing in clans, groups and pvp'ing with so many events, all in the futuristic style, plus its 2D so technically everything can be controlled with the mouse, but If you what to do well, you'll finally find out you'll need the keyboard.

The game play is top-notch and always interesting
Even if SOMEHOW you get bored there's awesome people on chat


-Penfwasaurus (look on YouTube)

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78 Rift

This game is Great, tons of content, not an AMAZING visual quality, but not a bad one either. They basically took the best parts of the best MMOs available and made sure to Enhance or Get those right. It's a great game.

Best game I played since ddo this amazing game I suggest you play this game play = happy time

Best game, hands down! F2p, excellent alternative to WoW, what more could you want?! Highly recommend it, definitely needs to be in the top 10.

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79 Allods Online

I have been playing MMORPGs for some years and after getting tired of how similar all of them seemed I came across Allods Online. I came to like it immediately. it's worth playing because Allods is different and special. it's a mmorpg with new ideas and details implemented in it which I am grateful for.

Allods online is a very well made game, it has much more interesting locations and mechanics than most other MMOs. It is also the only MMO I've seen to have a well thought out naval warfare mechanic that fits seamlessly into normal MMORPG gameplay. If you haven't tried it already, I recommend you give it a go.

Very similar to wow but better storyline, textures and monster models

Better Than WoW.

Look by yourself you'll see -

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80 Forsaken MU

Brilliant online multiplayer but a good story line. This is a better version of mu-online which was rubbish.

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