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101 Vanguard Saga of Heroes

Vanguard is, simply put, stunning. The world it massive and immersive. You get a real sense of community with this game. The game had a horrible launch under its first owner, but since it was acquired by its new owner, the game has become very playable and even more enjoyable and people are flocking back to it in droves.

Vanguard is the game that most other MMO games should aspire to. A huge, beautiful world, many races and classes, lots of quests and enough challenges to test the courage of many adventurers! It's a Must Play!

I beta tested The Realm, UO, EQ and then Vanguard. Vanguard has brilliant graphics, balanced (and solo-able) classes, great quest/story line that avoids the exp grind thing, and offers great crafting and diplomacy play in addition to the classic hack and slash.

I WOW fan. But this is a great game.

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102 Archlord

Graphic and Sound are perfect. But gameplay is something that will make you very very happy. You can have mount (horse, rhino, lion) and even weapons for mount. You can PvP solo or you can fight with your guild against another. Download client and try you will not be disappointed

Wht the hell are u guys talking bout if ur really looking for a long term MMORPG than archlord is the best its better than WoW without a doubt ! ! !

I havent played yet, Supposedly better than WoW.

Verry clear designe, nothing unnecessary. Easy to learn to play, and verry interesting. Events are often and there is always something interesting to do. You don't need to invest money to play a fulfilling game. I recomend it especially for players who haven't play this type of games before.

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103 Gunz The Duel Online

...Incredibly fast action 3rd person shooter. Even though you have guns -people decide to get upclose and personal with the adrenaline that builds up inside you. Equip awesome things from slick Longcoats to beachwear to battle armor and your favorite type of weapons. There are 7 different types of guns and 3 types of swords. Theres also multiple accessories: such as frag smoke and flash grenades, medpacks, rings etc. Omg the cool part is the element swords and hats!

You should not play this game if you are pregnant, old, or have a weak heart.

A game worthy of praise, This game is full of action and surprises. Theres no hours of exploring to make a cent, or waiting in one spot for someone to kill, the lobby sysetem in this game is definetly something that should be appreciated! 9/10!

when you play this game, you feel something you haven't felt in a long time

This game is just AMAZING! Does not compare with another MMORPG, don't matter so much the level, matter your hability for play...

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104 Trickster Online

This game is an awesome and gives you a profit of addiction and pure stress releasing. The way you play it is exactly like Lineage. You press a button (a skill) then click on the monster then you will be attacking it. The graphics is like the combination of MapleStory and Rakion, anime-like and cute monsters. This is a game that just makes you sit back, relax and play! It's a game worth living to play! - 2kiambang

I have played this game to but better suggest not going solo in this game cause its pretty fun if you go with some of your friends cause it gets boring pretty fast if you go solo but there are plenty of people playing so idk

this game is unique with it's graphics and gameplay. this should have been in the top ten.

when you play this game, you feel something you haven't felt in a long time:fun. - saskue1011

It is a very interresting MMO RPG that you can play with/without your friends, as you can actually make friends easyily due to the good community it got.

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105 A3 India

A3 which is Art , Alive , Attraction.This is the ultimate MMORPG game which i hav experienced till now. Have played all the above MMORPG's but will say A3 rocks.

it has the best music ever, graphix are cool..

i play's really nice!!!

The music alone is so awesome! Thisis super new so it can only get better from here.

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106 Rakion

Please everyone, this game rocks, you will have to use your all skills, you don't need to buy lots of items to beat the others you know.

It is the most enjoyable game you will ever play on PC, no doubt the best computer game ever made.

Truly the best game there is, no doubt.

Rakion gave me now a sweet memory

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107 Tribalwars

This game is awesome! You don't have to be logged in and play live, but it's really fun because you can play offline too!

108 Second Life

SL is WAY UNDER RATED HERE... I am shocked to see that it I at number 64? Wow. I was thinking to find it at number 1 or number 2. I can only assume that many of the reviewers are underage & possibly looking for a game just to waste time with... Well, if you APPLY yourself & your imagination to it, it can offer unlimited possibilities. Some old school & beta members who are still around may argue that SL is FAR BEYOND a game & is in a class of it's own. I doubt that any of these games listed here are able to make statements like "80,000 Live People on Now", or "Over 95Million Dollars in revenue went to its players in the last year! "... Now, if you have to pick a game... If you picked anything OTHER than Second Life, you are wasting your time. No, I do not work for them, but we ALL WORK TOGETHER to create our own environment & our own economy. Rosedale is a genius... He has just started to see what his determination has created... Be and do ANYTHING in Second Life... The worlds Best & ...more

Second life is the best game ever created. You can explore unlimited beautiful world, make new friends, make money, have your own house and the most important thing that you will have much fun. Second life deserve its name!

Unbelievable that Second Life is at #72. Of course, it is not really a game at all but an astonishing Virtual World, created entirely by inhabitants. But only interesting to creative imaginative types.

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109 Puzzle Pirates

If ye like puzzles, being competitive or team based, Fantastic game, not seen another like it!

If ye like puzzle games me hearty, yer gonna love it.

Puzzle Pirates ROCKS!! Best MMORPG I've ever played!

good game but some things r really overpirced!

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110 Sword of the New World

The atmosphere is unique and fun. You are European type colonists just entering the New World (think America in the 15th and 16th century). It's also free, very nice graphics.

It's unique great and fun you can carry 3 characters every time and you can recruit RNPC it is just unique and it is worth playing for.

This game is brilliant. You can carry 3 characters thus allow you to perform strategies to fight through dungeons. With such you can experience a group-organised gameplay while playing on your own! Graphics is definitely good, challenging battles and relative ease to level up because you can choose stances [defensive, offensive etc] where characters fight on their own at a certain parameter.

111 ROSE Online

this is the most awesomest rpg ever, but you get a short chance to play it :(.Its a 3d rpg, and the highest level you can get before your free trial is over is about 22

Amazing grapics, but not recommended for more 'mature' players. Huge 'cute' factor. Try Shaiya for a more adult experience

totally! It's only down here because it hasn't hit English version! RAGNAROK REVAMPED

Actually I'm level 28 and my free trial still isn't over yet ^_^

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112 Twelve Sky

ninja samurai mmo, pretty cool made by aeria

Twelve Sky is just the best game ever. Too bad it's no longer online. They made a sequel, but it is just not that good. The pvp has changed a lot a I think it is less fun this way. Would give anything if that would make TS return <3.

113 Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK)

This is by far the best MMO I ever played in my life, I was so sad when they closed it. Though, some idiot tabloid writer made up a retarded, unbelievable rumor that said it was opening back up in October or some crap like that. Either way, this has my vote. BY FAR. - ciei

it is great for all ages. your a character in a disney park.u make friends and do quests. Make money and play games. furnish a room u buy. great for all Disney lovers!

This Game rocks!!!! if you dont like it there is something wrong with u !! it is for teen and some little kids.

I miss vmk eventually, it has been a long time since it closed, but I still remember like it was yesterday.

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114 Drift City

Fun racing game. Consistent graphics style, the ability to add your own music and cars modeled after actual cars. I spent ages playing this game.

i love this game too!
the graphics are cool, the keys are not that easy to master.
when you say easy.. think again.

115 Freestyle
116 Dark Cloud
117 Priston Tale

I love this game. This is my first online game. And I would never replace this. I wish the developer will get more event and game updates to get the priston tale to top 10 best online games...

Fun online game, when hoppies die the make the most anoying sound wich explains whhy its not up there in the top 40

(i was kidding)

WHat are you talking bOut! PRISTONTALE has never been simple! Geez... Its way better that ragnarok or whatever online game available out there! Its full 3d... God I wont even dare to compare it to ragnarok... Anyway... PRISTONTALE rocks! And just shut up dumbOoz!

118 Wonderland Online


In fact, I tried to download WLO on my cellphone just to be able to play even at work but too bad.. Epic failure.. In addition to this, I delayed all my stuffs because I became so hook with WLO

If you want to join and PLAY WLO, do come in ARIES SERVER. Hit 100 level and we are Open to accepting players in our guild, THE DARKEN. )

Warning Addictive! I'm an aries player Come join me play you can make guild compound and manufacture and PVP is the most awesome event on wonderland because you'll see epic pets

An amazing game I've played numerous mmorpg's and even a fee mud's back in the day and this game takes the cake! Plus it is free!

Cap/aqu rocks

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119 War Rock

By far the most fun free online multiplayer game I have ever played

120 Gunbound

Good ( online ) worms style game very fun at the beginning gets harder at high lvls

man .. this game really rock its really funny and need skills ..

I used to be Hooked on this game it's so good but requires skill

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