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121 Eudemons Online

This game is the best being a high level player doesn't really effect your strength and its a free game so its great for all. A MUST PLAY

Best game I have played it before now I'm plaing again because its very nice game! You must play it to understand =)

This game is the best but you can't level up at a high level unless you buy god blessin o and its free

122 Tantra Online

This game is very addictive! specially when you have a party gamers. I like this game coz 1 of the character can summoned 2 to kill a monster! whats the unique about in this game is the GOD WAR! where you can choose 1 of the 3 GOD.

yeh!u r absolutely ryt!tntra god wars!are sooooooooo....addictive...and i liked the graphics and their items too...

123 Regnum Online

Best Team PvP mmo out at the moment. Graphics and artwork are immersive yet simple enough for the game to run on low-spec machines. The ambient sounds and changing atmospheric light makes the game a delight to play and does not strain your eyes. The various character classes and abilities are cleanly set out and simple to learn and use - so there is a lot of skill to be able to choose your sequence, timing and footwork to gain the advantage in pvp. Wars are frequent and involve many players. This is one game you can hop into anytime and fairly easily find a team pvp war going on nearby to join. And you do not need to stay, you can exit the game anytime and you will still have enjoyed another intense team pvp session. The game is designed to minimize griefing and verbal abuse because no inter-faction chat function is available. If you loved DAOC before they introduced crafting then this is a great alternative. Finally, the shop items are not essential and do not significantly affect ...more

This game is fantastic. Regnum Online was recently realeased in May 2007. It has great graphics and a great way of playing. In this game there are three nations that are currently in a ruthless war. In this war you must choose a side and you can fight for your nation. You can also participate in quests to help townsfolk and you can become many different classes coming out of the main classes, warrior, mage and archer. Out of mage you can become a warlock or conj. Out of warrior you can be a barbarian or a knight. Out of archer you can be marksman or a hunter. This game has over 1,000 monsters and in the short time it was releases it already has many players. This games graphics are absolutely fantastic and the playing style is unique. It also runs fast with its great graphics compared to other games with not as good graphics (such as Runescape, Maple Story, etc.) I'm sure right when you start the game you will completely fall in love.

Regnum Onlineļæ½ is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for the PC where the players are immersed in a 3D virtual world where they can live as Elves, Humans, Dwarves, or Dark Elves. You can be a Warrior, Mage, or Archer, and each class has two subclasses that become available in later levels - Knight, Barbarian, Warlock, Conjurer, Marksman, or Hunter. Players will have exciting adventures, explore wild lands, join a clan, and form an army of players to take on the other kingdoms in massive PvP battles.

The game is still in development but already offers many quests, items, and monsters; not to mention the large number of English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese speaking players you'll meet in-game.

124 Tabula Rasa

Great Game fast pace good graphics and very very good story and gameplay

125 Solder Front
126 Audition


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127 4story

It's a wonderful game. I playing this game for 5 Years.

Should be on top3. Really cool game!

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128 Meridian 59

THE original MMOrpg, heck they coined the phrase right on the box!
Best character development, engaging world, such a shame it was never redone with a modern engine and interface...
In this game your reputation mattered, death mattered, a true community - for better or worse... valiant heroes and epic villain, all by the choosing of the player

Its still going for free now. I still play it to this day from when it first came out from 3Do. Check it out, M59free. Com

Got me hooked on MMO's. The PVP was actually awesome with hordes of people chasing "murderers". The arena fights were truly awesome and required skill and thinking to stay alive and beat your adversary. You fought like real people would duel and not jumping around in ways that would get you killed instantly in a real fight.

129 Myst Online: Uru Live

This game totaly rocks! It only appeals to a cirtain croud though, More of an Artistic type. If you like myst, You'll LOVE this! the graphics are pretty good, and the people are very friendly.

Anyone who ever played and enjoyed Myst should play this game!

130 The Legend Of Mir

A truly great game, especially back in the old days.. if you havent played it i would suggest giving it a go, graphics are NOT anything special but the Player Killing and leveling is truly great

One of the classics, very diablo 2 like, even had its own T.V. Programe back in the day

10 years old in eu and still one of the most competitive and addictive mmorpgs ever created, the only one to ever pull me away from wow at least 1nc a month every few months

131 OurWorld

I Have been playing for 5 years and its awesome I'd say.. Love Ourworld. Its Rocks. There are 100 levels which you can play. There will be different challenges from a person on each place. You can buy everything fantastic. There are some limited items that too come up every month. It's the best MMO game for me

I've been playing ourwold for like a year and I've played all mmorpg games in the world but I love ourworld ot of all of them. No other game is better than this one. And f there is I want to find it. To sum it all up I LOVE THIS GAME!

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132 Endless Online

Endless is a 2d anime based online mmorpg. Once playing our online rpg you can become rich and famous, fight evil monsters, become a hero or live as a normal citizen

An ub3r leet 1337 game it owns all I play it everyday day and its very addictive

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133 Dragons Gate

One of the oldest that was up and running for years until finally retiring in 2006. It went up in it's original form in the late 1980's. It is in some ways a precursor to dark age of camelot

134 Matrix Online
135 Secret of the Solstice
136 HoboWars
137 Dungeon Runners

Great gameplay, WoW like graphics, more

138 Asheron's Call 2

Asheron's Call 2 is actually alive and kicking brought back from the dead by Turbine and yes it was an amazing game for it's time, both visually and combat was which was unique in it's way of offering a mix of different ways to level and handle combat situations.

Asheron's call 2 was the best mmoropg ever, but turbine decided to pull the plug from the servers...


139 Risk Attack

Risk attack is a online multiplayer war game. this game is much similar to strategic board game. Any one who have internet connection can play this game. It is totally free. Player must accurately simulate military strategy, the size of the world, the logistics of long campaigns. WARNING! normal game will last a month

140 The Mafia Boss

Intense, very enjoyable, can play for as much or as little time as you want. Join Mafia Families and make money.CHAT.STEAL.WORK your way to the TOP. Earn REAL CASH!

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