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141 Rubies of Eventide

Free like Runescape. Better graphics. Great gameplay. One of the best economeys. Play it

Better graphics,combat,pvp,and overall gamepaly then Runescape.

142 Matrix Online
143 Pirate King Online

When you first get in the game the system will help you level up to level 5 by doing quest. Jobs are based on characters.

This game have cool clothes, hair types, dyes, fairies as pets, very good graphics, good weapons, good quests, many good character skills, large continuous map (without going into portals except for some locked places that you can only go sometimes and you can even pvp at those places).

There are life skills like woodcutting, salvage (for ships), shop, fishing, and mining. You can have your own boat at level 20. Usually there are many 2X exp events especially on weekends.

Overall I give this game 9/10
Best online game I�ve played

144 HoboWars
145 Gemstone IV

I have been playing this game since a child. I can't find anything that is as good as this game. It's the most in depth game out there. If they nailed graphics to this game it would be super fantastic.

Probably the deepest, most realistic game out there.Sure it is text based, but puts together role playing like it should be.

146 Two Worlds
147 Shot Online

Best golf game on the web!

148 Realms of Kaos

This is what people used to play. MUDs It's a graphical MUD, probably the best I ever played, but for anyone born in the 90s or later this game won't hold a lot of appeal. The community is the only thing keeping it alive. It's nothing more than a chat-room fused into a little text game with a few pictures. Fun, but seriously outdated.

Can be fun if you stay away from the titans and giant scorpions

149 Secret of the Solstice
150 Dungeon Runners

Great gameplay, WoW like graphics, more

151 Requiem: Bloodymare

This is the first Horror MMORPG.
ITS GREAT! - Wash12

Best game I've played last days

152 Luna Online
153 Myth of Soma

one of the best mmorpg out there if you are looking for a good mmorpg try this one out

154 Legend of Ares
155 Darkfall

Good Game, Hasnt Come out yet so no wonder its not all the way up by Wow and Eve.
Gonna be
1 massive server
housing,open pvp, mount combat, massive guild wars, you can hire gaurds, thousands of spells, no name about your head so you can really hidefor once, first person spell casts 3rd person mele.+ loads more.

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156 O2Jam

Its plain fun with its fast moving music

157 Cyberdunk

basketball, yea by. this is the best. Its free and addictive

158 Angels Online

The gameplay is nice, user friendly, easy. Even tough the community is a bit too proud and greedy, the game worth a try... - Darkened

159 Jade Dynasty

I can't believe this game is so far down the list. It deserves to be much higher. It's a fantastic free to play game based off the internet hit novel Zhu Xian, has two races a lot of different classes alliance and territory walls and lots of generous freebies that make it even more enjoyable. You should check it out.

HOW WASNT THIS ON THE LIST, and how is it like 1000000000 on the list, its an amazing fun addictiing game...

well, I don't want to say its the best, but... I've been played it for 3years... got to respect to it. - beyondwind

160 Lego: Universe

Even IF this is a closed game it was one of the best mmorpg games I've ever played and some have made private servers to play it

This is best mmo game of ever for me, but membership is the only problem of this game, now LU is closed (for now), with membership this is best GAME ever!

Epic mmo to bad you have to pay with credit card to play

Should be in top 10

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