Perfect World


It's the best FREE online mmorpg I've ever played. Great graphics and Its really fun to play.

This game not expensive, unlike other online game. This is the most game I ever play since I was addicted in online game. You can even ride the dragon or fly with you own wings. You can even customized your character in unlimited choices. you can have your own Horse and you can even swim around the sea. Unlike other online games, you can even full filled your skill using soul and not skill points. Perfect world has the fastest leveling system. over 5000 quest are waiting for your adventure.

Beutiful landscapes, few hackers, creative names of npcs and places, character customization, uniqe skill system, 4 races and multiple hero types, the ability to fly on magical creatures, dragons or even your own wing all contribute to this great game, even if it has recieved almost no recegnition. It is one of the best made and fun MMORPG's that can be found. - Venorik

Everyday Player for 5 years. I love the graphics and gameplay. Expansions all the time and by far the best customization for your toons that's out there. There are always events going on with great prizes. Many servers to choose from so events will suit your time of day. On top of everything else its free to play!

Fun to play, free, from what I have seen, a great community and some beautiful landscapes in game. I play Epic Perfect World, don't play International but either way, really good game. The characters are fun to play and learn each different styles of playing and different moves you can learn for each one.

Free to play, yes, it's real. Perefect World Enterteinment give to us too many games like Jade of Destiny, Perfect World International, the newer Forsaken World, etc. Just create a account, login and play!

Perfect world is a cool game it is really easy to understand and still it's cool I really like perfect world I have played it 100 to 200 times and it is still the best play perfect world for the world bye

I have been playing this game since I was highschool and until now I still do play because of the game it thought me how to fall in love... It is where I met my first love...

Very well balanced game with awesome graphics. Very fun, and the character customization is one of the best out there. Give it a try!

one of the best games out there may not be recongnized but will soon be OVER 250 MILLION PEOPLE PLAYING in china and other coutnries

Definitely the best looking free MMORPG. Not just graphically but also by design. There's a lot of variety and fun. I use to play it for years.
Too bad Forsaken World is not on this list. Its different from PWI but also better in so many ways.

I love this game! Is amazing! Strategy, fun, very good graphics!

Beautiful World.
Skill Animations.
The BEST in character customization.
Wide options in Fashion (dye/pigment)
Flying Mounts
Land Mounts.
The Five Distinct Classes.
Embrace/Carry/Snuggle action.
Territory Wars!

Wow is so overrated. perfect world beats its ass everyday.

Perfect world is super cool and I have been trying to find something cooler but no pw is never going to be toped

PW is international game, you can log on from anywhere in the world, also, its free and cash shop items are farm able via in game coins transfer currency through auction house. Even if you don't have a single coin in RL, you can be rich in PW and buy what ever you want using real life currency - gold.

Its also very competitive, no other game has players that put in their gears 10-20k $, its ultimate.

Graphic and world view comparable to WoW, but free~ Very enjoyable, I've been playing since 2007.

The graphic so cool, community is very good, that why I pick PW above all mmorpg

Although I quit the game, been playing it since pwmy release long before pwi beta and I love it. it has the best pvp system in my opllinion where you actually require skill to win ( gear of course if you are on the official server ) which sometimes sucks that's why I would recommend a private server which are active.

Is true perfect world can be as good as WoW or even better a must try F2P mmorpg good gfx, quests and very active, lots of events from the admins.

Perfect world has rlly kool graphics and its fun to play all the time unliek some other games which gets boring as you play it

Ithout I try this game sense I coundent try wow but it can't be helped




It is fun for gamers around 8-15? And its way fun! Wasup but sesiosly this is awesome