Ragnarok Online


Ragnarok is a MMORPG with the graphic mostly based on anime style. There are lots of emotions you can use and which make your gameplay way more interesting than one would think. There are lots of builds for different classes, you can make for example a hybrid assassin/crit assassin/dagger assassin/sonic blow assassin/soul breaker assassin cross build and so one, and that jsut for 1 class. It is a very interesting game but it also has its minuses. Leveling your character takes ages and drop rates for those really good items are usually 0,01% drop chance and the monsters that drop them are usually really strong, but there is a unique pvp system. There is normal pvp where people fight each other and there is War of Emperium. Very much like a castle siege. Check some videos on youtube.

HUGE class & skill system balances PvP
*Start as a novice..
*pick from 6 base classes
*pick from 2 unique, more powerful versions of your class
*reborn and unlock YOUR final skills
theres alternate classes too: gunslinger, ninja, and taekwon

wizards cover the screen with their incredible offence, and just try breaking the defence of a well built crusader or knight.

Hands down the best game. Although some of the older official servers do show signs of saturation, the game still manages to be fun, and allows newer players to keep up with the occasional introduction of new items. The game has just so many aspects to it and it takes years to try them all out. Just playing all the classes "normally" will keep you occupied for years, let alone all the experimenting you can do with customization and fun builds.

Played my first game/server like 8 years ago but I still remember each and everything that happened that day. This game made me the guy that I am today. I got to learn so many Real life concepts, articles like norse mythology, history, science facts, team management, time management, basic economics like buying selling and many things. Have so many memories alive with me even today when I've gotten busy with my life and work. Don't judge this game by it's graphics. Probably the best game for people like me who are passionate, who loves fantasy and who are extremely competitive. Will always be the greatest MMO I might have ever played till death.

I have been playing Ragnarok Online for eight years and no matter how many other other games I play, RO will still be the best to me. Not only is it just an amazing game, but if you were to play as long as I have you could meet people to regularly talk to and play with. This game will always be the best to me, no matter what other people think.

Edit: there are now 10 available classes. They are:
-super novice

and most of them have two other jobs which they can change to after that(except for gunslinger,ninja)

I've played it for 6 years at least, on various servers, and it was seriously one of the best I've played. Definitely more fun with friends partying and running WoE. This game was my first step into grind and it wasn't too bad. I stopped around the time I hit transcendent and haven't been back since (no time sigh~). This game = my high school life for sure.

Not sure how it is now, but I would recommend this game regardless!

Been playing it for years, since it was released in our country.
I played dozens of other On-line games but I still go back to RO.
And I don't think I'm going to quit for good soon.

I still think that those RO emoticons have
Something to do with all of this.
Sort of like subliminal messages. Laugh out loud

Played it for 4 years, and every time I come it's always more fun. The amount of customization and the amount of hours it offers is incredible. This isn't a game where you get the highest level of multiple characters and you're happy, you need to join a guild, join parties, and fight in the most intense guild vs guild war known as War of Emperium. I'll ALWAYS have a soft spot for this game, no matter how small it is now compared to it's peak.

It could be said its high amount of progress in the game
Is to adapt to new players and a great variety of jobs and their total game variations make you entertained for hours and hours juento with a large amount of new people

Personally I love the job assassin and Warlok

I played RO 2years already and it always managed me to come back... I'm still loving it, ragnarok is one of the best games out there, for the people who say the graphic sucks... Bull! Guys, don't play because the graphic... Play because this game is fun and full of contents!

I think this game is one of legendary game online ever that I ever played.. Sometimes I wanna play Ragnarok Online again but I wondering which server I would joined.. And after I try playing ragnarok online 2, I prefer to play ragnarok online than ragnarok online 2

Ragnarok is the best. This game have the power to bring people together and no matter how much people talk that the graphics are bad this game goes beyond graphics, this game give us friends and hours and hours of enjoyment

Played it for 5 years 16 hours a day w/o Sunday break and dreamed of it in the night. Still remember those lovely days. Wish that after retiring will again play ro with my buddy's. Should I still need to say something to describe how great this game is.

It's a game that has balance on characters and promotes team work on gaming.. I really miss my friends whenever I remember RO.. leveling together.. hunting together... so sentimental... laugh out loud

Best mmorpg, hands down. No matter how many other mmorpg I played ranging from Eastern to western, for kids to mature, simple to complex, cheap to expensive, casual to hardcore, I always end up playing ragnarok online.

oh my god!
Ragnarok online is the best RPG out there!
whit thousants of quests,in some servers you can go out of lvl 5000 or more...
you can transform in many diferents classes

The Most Beloved MMORPG which had amount of fan work that rivals Touhou and Mario. It's a game that connects different language groups, age groups and national cultures, it is the true essence of an MMORPG.

ragnarok online is one of the most addictive games. It's visually impressive and deserves to be in the top ten. It's way better than maple story.

Ragna must be listed on the first place! No other games can surpass RO! The living proof are the hundreds or maybe thousands of different Ragnarok Online all over the world! LONG LIVE RO!

It's amazing! The essence server is also awesome! But harder is the real server! Which is ragnarok and the valkrie server

well ragnarok is very well developed and very diverse its a great game il have to say one of the bests games out there =D -

Great online ever. Even low end laptop could play this. The class, community, gameplay. Ragnarok was the creator of mmorpg online game.

The perfect MMORPG. Not recommended for casual players, it takes time to get in love.

I think that RO is one of the best games, it only need better graphics and a little more story stuff, and it will crush any other mmorpg