I've been playing Wizard101 since it first came out and this is what I think of it: Wizard101 is one the the best games ever created! You can use spells, go to different worlds, buy sub or crowns to go there, buy crowns to buy cool stuff, buy/farm for pets and train them to get incredible talents, talk and hang out with friends, ride fast mounts across the spiral, defeat bosses and minions, and so much more! I personally thought it to be one of the Best Games On Earth. It's unbelievable that this game is not higher in the Top Ten MMORPG list.

Best game! I only bought 5000 crowns and couldn't even beat krokotopia but still had A LOT OF FUN!

HOW DARE THEY MAKE THIS 75! I haven't even heard of most of the ones before this ()_()

Its because the free trial is lame, and nobody votes for it. GIVE IT A TRY AmericanS! You never try! You play for one second then go OWE WOW THIS IS LAME! -_- this is better than everything you have ever played EVER. (if your smart that is)

Great game! Simple, easy to play and understand. At first I thought this was only for kids but I really enjoy it. If anyone planning to play seriously, I would recommend just buying crowns (In game currency using real money) to unlock at the areas for good.

Walri approved. This game made me bleed through my fingernails every time I opened it up. The doctor says it's a condition, but I take medicine for it. My parents were very concerned for my heath and abandoned me even as I was about to commit suicide. This game is my only reason for living at this point. If someone was to deprive me of it, it would be paramount to tickling me with a panda. Needless to say, I need help, and this game provides the help I need.

This is an amazing game. I played this for a long time, can not even remember when I started, my 7 year old brother plays it. My 19 year old cousin plays it. We all love it. I believe (along with my companions) that this game should defiantly have a higher rank on this list. No matter what you crave this game can be you fix.

This game is incredible, I have played for more than 4 years and still hooked. Not many games can keep people occupied for this length of time like Call of Duty which takes like 5 hours to complete, wizard 101 takes years to complete. Both this and wizard 101 get my vote two very astounding games, worth every penny.

This is the best online mmorpg even in my first year playing free was still fun and when I started getting 25k crowns a month and subs it is uncomparable, games like wow and runescape are fun for a week if that, but this you could play all day for weeks and not get bored. Even now 7-9 new things or events happen each year, and amazing deals for people who pay.

This is probably one of the best games I have ever played. I've played for over six years and it hasn't disappointed me once. This game is suitable for all ages which is something a lot of games on this list can't say. It has so many different features such as the storyline/side quests that will keep you occupied, PvP battles, PvP pet racing, fishing, gardening, home decorating, item crafting, stitching (so you can have your good gear and still look however you want), house tours, 12 different worlds to explore and conquer, a well balanced difficulty curve, and so much more!

Just goes to show underrated games are usually the best. Unlike usual MMOs I never really understood like WOW, this MMO requires more skill than just clicking on enemies. It plays out like a card game and a very strategic one at that. Every card has their own animation as well. It is massively satisfying to summon a massive elephant god from the depths of hell to burn your enemies. Such a variety of other things to do as well like furnishing a variety of awesome houses, training your pets and battling against other wizards in the arena. Gave me hundreds of hours of fun. - Erikelelf

Wizard101 is a great game.
Its about you create a wizard from all 7 different schools(Death. Life. Myth. Balance. Fire. Ice. Storm)
And you have lots of quests that you can do. Lots of worlds. Great bosses such as Malistaire and Morganthe. And even dungeons

I've been wizard101 for a long time. It has a rich story line and great graphics. While it is geared at kids its still pretty good and anyone can fall in love with it. Even though a lot of people stand and the commons and do stupid stuff it's still a good game and it's cheap too!

It's a great game of thought and thinking. Perfect for players who like to think rather than button smash. As well the game is expanding every day and soon... China. Over 20 million players so far.

Wizard101 plays with many elements. Making it fun and at the same time, interesting. It has a very cool storyline which makes you want to create a new character and somehow repeat it again.

One of the best games ever! I don't get why this isn't in the top ten! I have been playing this game for four years and I still am hooked. And because there is always new stuff being added, it's always fun. The graphics on this game are great to. This game is so much fun!

Its the best game I've seen so far! Been playing since 2009 'n never get bored. Its a great community game! Am an Indian talking with Chinese in American game! Yup, its that great.

This game is awesome! I am level 61-70 on this game and I just can't stop playing. THIS GAME IS awesome! So I don't get why this game is 50! MAKE IT HIGHER RATING! This game is too awesome to be rated 50.

This is one of the best of the best games and to be placed 55 D: -kills self- best game ever! Besides WOW that game pretty cool thou laugh out loud but still why isn't it in the top 10!? They even have commercials!

My first MMORPG and it is amazing, this and WoW are the only two I really play that much, but this has a nice mix of strategy and an interesting battle system. By the way I prefer using crowns.

I have this game and I am on lvl 49 and it is the best game on EARTH!

The best game ever! It should be at least in the top 20, I guess. Even though you gotta buy it, it is very cool. High graphics etc. I recommend this game to every one.

I've spent a lot of time playing this game and even though I believe that Pirate 101 was a better game, Wizard 101 is a complete masterpiece with cool enemies to face and a simple but fun combat system.

Wizard101 is an amazing family game that can really spark a kid's creativity and will to compete. It's every gaming family's ideal free-time game.

Don't underestimate this game. Give it a chance and you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's pretty damn good.

Amazing game, I couldn't stop play this summer. Challenging and fun. TRY IT!