World of Warcraft


I play World of Warcraft for years and this is my favorite game. Many players say they hate it, but this happens because they play this game more than 2 hours per day, and this makes the game seem more and more boring on their eyes. If you want to play a game don't play it hardcore because soon the game will be more and more boring. World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG, but it lacks on Graphics. This game has a big variety that the other MMORPGs would dare challenge this variety. This game has also the best story line that I have ever seen, and this is my main reason why I play this game. At least you can take part on this story. It allows the players to enter in different types of combat: against NPCs that is called PvE and against other online players that is called PvP which makes the player have some fun playing it. World of Warcraft gives players a lot of different abilities that is a part of its variety and this game requires skills and the players must know how to use spells. ...more

Best game I've tried so far, following behind Ragnarok online.
The amount of fun you can have playing this game compared to other MMORPGs is outstanding! You don't need to grind in the middle of anywhere just to gain levels, you level up on doing quests, of which there is way too many in my opinion so you never run out. You don't have to worry about being to lucky to drop some good equip, because to get it all you need to do is put some effort in putting together a group and going to an instance or even simply do quests which in themselves provide great rewards (mostly an item and money with experience on top of that)

I love the amount of work Blizzard put into each class, they all differ so greatly and have their own strengths and weaknesses, making the game mostly balanced - you don't have to worry about being underpowered playing your own class :o It requires skill to master each class, not just standing there spamming skills and hoping the enemy will die, no, you need ...more

I have been playing World of Warcraft for about 6 years now, I Have stopped periodically and tried other games but always come back to WoW. I like how open the game is, I can level through questing, or exploring and working on achievements, I can do nothing but dungeons if I want all the way to max level or I can compete in Battlegrounds (PvP) and never quest or dungeon once, again all the way to max level. Now with pet battling there is even more to do. Arena and duelling again add more playability. With the coming of Warlords of Draenor we will have Player housing in the form of player designed forts and missions for our peons to go preform. All of this plus the community that is WoW, I have met several girlfriends through WoW. played with family, met people from all over the world who have become great friends. To quit WoW and start again on another game I would have to start from scratch and lose all the time, effort and memories that are invested in WoW. Instead I choose to be a ...more

Nothing can compete to World of Warcraft. I can confidently say that WoW is the best online game of all time, and still is the best online game of all time. Some other MMOs are more in depth and have certain aspects in them than WoW, but WoW is the most fun video game I have played in my entire life. I Been playing since BETA and even on and off at some times. Lets say you get bored and stop playing, there's without a doubt in my mind you will come back to the game after thinking about it a month later. It's tough to put your finger on why WoW is so amazingly fun, but I will always play WoW for the rest of its existence, of course with breaks. I can go on and on about THE game itself, (and not just saying my opinion on how amazing the game is) but if you haven't played this game YOU have to play it! It's the most popular game of all time, I mean everyone heard of WoW. There's a reason why 10s of millions of players actively play this game.

I've seriously played tons of mmorpgs and in the end WoW has always come out on top. Many people say that there in no storyline but if you actually take the time to read all the quests and information throughout the different areas involved you will realize that they are all bits and pieces of major plots leading up to the different dungeons & raids in the game. But story aside the gameplay for this type of game is hands down the best. The majority of this type of game is combat and the combat system is crisper and cleaner than any other MMORPG out there, go and check for yourself I already have, it's the best by far! If constant battle isn't your thing in an MMORPG there is endless other things to do in WoW: PvP, hundreds of Quest lines over 4000 quests, Arena, Dungeons & Raids, Even non-battle type Pet Leveling, Several sub-skills to level; Fishing, Archaeology, Cooking, First-Aid & two main skills you choose from a large number of options, then there's all the different factions ...more

I've been crazy about this game since I shared an account with my brother back in 2007. Though the graphics aren't mind-blowing, they allow for a decently detailed gameplay, with differing characters at every turn. I love the amount of lore given, the battle style, and multiple adventures you can go on. I especially adore the community. Though in high-tense areas, everyone still excepts that you need to have each others backs :) Plus there's so many people that play so you always find an awesome group of people to hang out with! PS: I'm not kidding about the lore, it really makes the game and all it's exp. Packs fun to play :) WoW fan for 6 years and going!

Everything you can ask for. I never buy subscriptions, but this was totally worth it. You get so much. There's so many options with many races, specializations, factions and classes... And the questing, even with twin characters, there's a huge chance you won't go through the same quest chains. There are so many options, and in some places, like Outland, the level of creatures adapts to your level. Also, there is an unimaginable amount of quest chains... It's so user-friendly, and there are many ways to grind XP... Also, once you max out on leveling, its not the end. There's still PVP and actually joining battles and attacks in capital cities, and all across the worlds. The graphics are absolutely amazing, and there are so many minor details. Hundreds of places, Thousands of armor and weaponry, Millions of people. It's so much fun and a great investment... There's always expansions coming out, and it never stops... Even after 10 years

OK, I don't know what's with this MMORPG, but it hooks me in, and it kinda pisses me off when someone else needs the computer. There is 14 races- Allience: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, Drenai and Worgan, Horde: Troll, Orc, Tauren, Blood Elf, Undead and Goblin- and 10 classes- Rogue, Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Priest, Mage, DK (Death Knight) Hunter and Druid. And this game is kinda addicting...

There is barely any flaws in this game. The quests kind of are the same and there needs to be more classes, but this game is an AMAZING MMORPG.

Like EmceeBlood said, Try it!

Simply put the mest MMO out there. It is mostly because in most of the free MMO's such as Silkroad, maplestory and others all your doing is fighting. In WoW you have professions so you will be making your armor and weapons and most of all what separates WoW from every other game is RAIDING! WoW is know for Raiding with groups of 40+ in a guild, no other free game could possibly match WoW's Gameplay. The graphics may be a bit cartoony but the gameplay, quests, and community are incredible. There is a reason why it is game of the year and that over 9 million people play.

i would have to say if ur gunna buy the game buy it at amazon it is cheaper if you need some help just ask anyone around you mostly everyone is friendly and this is a great game the cost is more than most mmorpg but it is worth every cent have a go if you have any troubles u can talk directly to in-game support (takes about 15-30 mins) if you do end up getting it there is a second expansion the burning crusade it is not required to play the game although it offers some good features like new islands races and flying mounts only costs about 30-40$

World of Warcraft (Also known as WoW) is a very good game. It's graphics are very good, it runs very smoothly, considering it's file size, which is VERY HIGH at 3GB+. The players in this game are normally mature, nice, and very fun. This game is definitely not for people with slow computers, or computers with low memory, because, as I said before, this game's file is a size of 3GB+. Even with that, I would highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to meet new people, make new friends, and, all together, have hours and hours of fun.

Was the best when burning crusade was their, but after the level cap of lvl 85 now going to 90 I just think more people are going to quit. But I guess the choice to stop XP in battle grounds and stay at a level you wish to keeps just about all people happy, but until they fix the dmg and healing that all characters have, might take a long time to figure out it takes skill not an OP class to beat someone. I have played other games and found Runes Of Magic probably the closest game to wow, but always comes back to this game =)

Lots of people have been saying warcraft isn't the top mmorpg that is extremely false. World of Warcraft lets users explore through a huge map that takes an extremely long time for you to have seen everything there (I'd say a year). One of the best things I think there is about world of warcraft is you can have more than one player on your account and you can choose a variety of races and avatars. I am a committed player to world of warcraft and believe it is by far the #1 mmorpg.

ok this game has stolen my life the only reason FFXI is above it is simply because most warcraft players are PLAYING right now and will be for the next 90% of there lives why do u think it holds so many awards and records not only does it last forever and take a lot of skill to get to 70 (max lvl) that actual fun of the game doesnt start until 70although lvlign is pretty damn fun to

Okay people who think there is a better MMO they are just wrong. You're lying to yourself. WoW just has features like none other. Come on guys, you are honestly just voting for the game you play, but not the one that is the best. I've played the top 10 games that are on this list. There are different genres of MMO's, please take that in mind. Such as MMO's like WoW and runescape, and MMO's like City of Heroes. Anyways out of fantasy MMO's WoW is the best, that's fact.

Generally accepted as the measurement of what an MMO should be. I'm not saying that it's perfect but Blizzard has done things to this title that very few has ever achieved (without going the way of F2P). I'm sure the day will come that WoW will just be part of Video Game history with another MMO taking its place but for now kudos to the game designers and team that continues to develop WoW (8 years running - subscription based).

World of Warcraft is just the most fun game to me. I'm not biased it's just that it has never gotten bored to me. I love the arena pvp's and tons of endgame content. Dungeons aren't repetitive to me because there is so many and by the time I'm lv85 and make a new character and go to dungeons, it's like memory lane. WoW is by far the best. Blizzard is the best company for PC, yes better then steam.

Best MMORPG you will play, its more then just leveling, from levels 1-70 you only experiances 10% of the features this game has to offer. At level 70 there are endless things to do. Many styles of PvP and PvE I never dreamed possible till i played this game. Both 70 PvP and PvE recuire skill, dedication and patience which before i never have seen so wonderfully put together in a game.

best game ever played. if you belive me I am infected with this games so so good in burning crusade I have 3 lvl 70 in lich king I have 1 level 80 in cataclysm I have level 85 ( not full gs but he is good) if you wont to play it take mage and when you are lvl.55 take death knight. dk-s are good, or you can take warlock he is good too. :D

and you don't need to play wow on a real server you can play on molten wow server.

The game title says it all. WORLD of Warcraft. It really is a whole world of its own and that's why people are consumed in it. It is an alternative reality with a lot of options and freedom of the real world. With professions, eating, socializing, shopping, and tasks, it has most of what we do on a regular basis. Except the difference is that it's more fun to do it on WoW because it's more fantasy based that we can't do in real life. Killing monsters, exploring dungeons, traveling worlds, leveling up, respawning, etc.
WoW is a world away from reality that entices you for hours. Very fun and very addicting. No other MMORPG can touch WoW at this time.

I have played many mmos in my time. Flyff, Silkroad, Maplestory, and many more. But I have never played an mmo that makes me this addicted. The races and classes are awesome. I love the combat system even though it's not something new. The community is great they update and fix the game out the ass. PvP servers rule. I'm a Tauren Warrior!

WoW does a great job of making the player believe that they are free top do what they want when really the whole game is mapped out to you threw quest threw-out the game but is no doubt one of the best MMORPG games out there as well as being very addictive so tip don't start if your very busy because you can not play this one part time and manly one for the hardcore gamers I would advise you to start on a more laid back game such as runescape altho I used to play that and I did for 6 years because all mmorpg games are increadbly addictive - SKUNX

I played World of Warcraft for two years, I loved the game when I first started playing which was before the Burning Crusade expansion came out. After because I feel like the game was too easy to play, made it easy for people with no skill to play. True, it can be addictive but I haven't played in two months because I'm just not interested. - smrhem

Have played WoW and many other RPG's ranked in the top. WoW is the best due to good balance, always having fresh content. The stories are in depth, well thought out, and elaborate. Interface is wonderful and customizable. Graphics quality is first rate. They pay great attention to detail even to such things as some animals pouncing on others.

WoW is an extreamly fun game because it is simple but yet not simple. This is a game for anyone not just hardcore gamers. But this is why ffxi is #1 as i have played both of these games for a very long time. In ffxi you feel better when you accomplish something... and in WoW you do feel good but... its just not the same. Both are great in their own ways