Best M&M's Varieties

The Top Ten


They are the best, period. Taste AMAZING and smell amazing too. - Destroyer334747

Peanut Butter
Milk Chocolate (Plain)

Can't go wrong with the original - Destroyer334747

Peppermint White Chocolate

Really peanuts suck

They are really good too especially when consumed with the Crispy M&M - Destroyer334747

White Chocolate

Not as good as Plain but it's good - Destroyer334747


I like them but they're not the best - Destroyer334747

I say peanut



You can't forget about this most recent addition to the M&M's catalog. Crunchy shell on the outside, and not only is there a chocolaty inside, but on the inside too, nothing but smooth and creamy caramel at the center. LOVE IT! - ModernSpongeBobSucks


It's the best because it's the biggest

Too big, but really good. - Destroyer334747

The Contenders

Dark Chocolate

Good, not great, good. - Destroyer334747

Dark Chocolate Peanut

They're decent, not great. - Destroyer334747

Mega Peanut
Razzberry Chocolate
Mint Chocolate
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