Top 10 Moat Random Things That Will Never Happen While Camping


The Top Ten

1 While you're watching YouTube on your kindle, there's no internet

Especially during a funny video. - JaysTop10List

2 Pretend that the camping tent is a bully and then hit it with a hammer
3 Pour more gasoline into the fire

Someone pass me the unleaded, I'm going in. - Rocko

Wait... MORE gasoline.
Like, yeah, I start this fire by putting leaves, twigs, logs and gasoline in a pile, don't I?
Peace out,

4 Eat all the camping food

I can eat all the food I want. I'm always hungry. - Kiteretsunu

That proves that you're really hungry. - JaysTop10List

5 Spill juice on your parents

Then you'll be grounded. - JaysTop10List

6 Sing Hello Kitty songs

Imagine if that really happened on camping. - JaysTop10List

7 Sleep until the camping trip is over

You don have to sleep for 556 years. - JaysTop10List

8 Cuddle with your teddy bear while eating dinner

You're supposed to do it when you're sleeping not eating! - JaysTop10List

Aww... Yes, I'd cuddle with my teddy bear and tell him how much I dislike camping. - Britgirl

Not so out-of-the-ordinary in my opinion.
And I don't see anything wrong with that. :D - Rocko

9 Eat Smarties for dessert while your parents eat an ice cream sundae

You call Smarties a dessert? - JaysTop10List

10 Sing Let It Go to annoy your siblings

I'd rather sing something that I can tolerate and they can't. My options are wider than that may sound. - PositronWildhawk

Let It - SMACK! - JaysTop10List

The Contenders

11 Toss some whipped cream, an old sock, and a paper airplane into the campfire

My brother's friend did this once.

12 A bear dances Gangnam Style
13 A clown takes you to space in a flying gorilla
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