Best Mob Psycho 100 Characters

The Top Ten Best Mob Psycho 100 Characters

1 Arataka Reigen

Did not expect this guy, sweaty conman comic relief, to end up being S-tier husbando material not too far into the series uwu a genuinely good guy

Bones is thirsty for this boi owo

This is only me, but Reigen is kinda cute X3 - WitheredBonnie

2 Shigeo Kageyama


Mob is awesome. - WitheredBonnie

I love everything about him! Shigeo or better known as “Mob” is a young boy born with inate immense psychic powers (which are directly tied to his emotions) which he represses must of the time due to an traumatic accident occurred during his childhood.

The series is basically a coming of age story where Mob re-learns how to connect with people and transmite his feelings to others.

He is my favorite because he posses of a lot of flaws and traits I personally admire and relate to, from his shy and awkward personality to his desire to improve himself, to became the best version of himself without the need of relying so much on his psychic powers.
Something that is only achievable with hard work and the support of other people.

The one person who helps him the most in his journey of accepting himself is his master Reigen, who while in no possession of any psychic powers himself there couldn’t be any other person better at teaching Mob than him. - 001

3 Teruki Hanazawa
4 Ritsu Kageyama
5 Dimple
6 Koyama
7 Ishiguro
8 Sakurai
9 Musashi Gouda
10 Tenga Onigawara

The Contenders

11 Katsuya Serizawa
12 Mukai
13 Sho Suzuki
14 Tome Kurata
15 Reigen's Mom

She roasted him on facebook - dapplegorse

16 Keiji Mogami
17 Ichi Mezato
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