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We are listing for best Employee Feedback Apps list. to know more about the app please go through their comments box.
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Softintelligence is a company who has Mobile application apps to feedback collections for Employee, Staff, Customer feedback.We are ensuring that your information will be confidential.for more deatils visit our website - llarrywatson25


Tap My Back is an employee recognition app /software for team leaders to... According to your company's mission and values, Tapmyback is best reliable app for employee reviews collection. - llarrywatson25


Culture Amp provides tools to run performance reviews and pulse and culture surveys, and managers can review data based on the lifecycle stage of their employees. - llarrywatson25


TINYpulse makes employee engagement solutions for over 1,000 businesses, including Michelin, EMC, Stitch Fix, and Capital One. TINYpulse Engage offers leaders a way to take the pulse of their workforce by helping them collect unvarnished feedback from employees. TINYpulse Perform is a performance management tool that helps leaders facilitate 1:1 meetings to improve employee performance and achieve company goals.
At TINYpulse, we believe people are the most important asset your organization has. So keeping them happy is just as critical as any other part of your business.
We’re here to help make that happen. - llarrywatson25


Our vision at Weekdone is for all managers and employees at companies to be productive, communicative and happy. Many managers don't know their employees current goals, accomplishments and problems. People on the other hand want more feedback from their managers. Weekdone lets managers quickly know what's happening in their teams and give feedback to employees. It's a hassle-free weekly employee status reports, dashboard and feedback system that both managers and employees love. It makes life easier for managers and teams more productive. Weekdone's goal is to be the single most used tool in any manager's pocket. - llarrywatson25


Get the engagement numbers you're looking for with poll creation, live responses, and voting stats all running in tandem with your conversations. Core Polly functionality has landed on Microsoft Teams, and will be quickly evolving with the platform. - llarrywatson25


The same way you can track your morning runs and your progress in the last few weeks, you can use Impraise at work to track your professional development.
We are all surrounded by talented people who would love to help and learn from each other. We came up with a solution that allows you to ask for feedback right when it's needed and that lets your colleagues and managers support you along the way. - llarrywatson25


Managers can conduct yearly, quarterly, or even monthly performance reviews through the platform. It also has a feature where you list company and team goals so that your direct reports always know what they should be working towards. - llarrywatson25


Hppy delivers insights, research and information to business and HR leaders to create better employee engagement initiatives. - llarrywatson25


It is critical that there is a good dialogue between workers and managers. Without that dialogue, it is easy for managers and workers to suffer from poor communication and strained relationships. What are some tools that managers can use to help employees leave feedback and feel as if they can take ownership of their work? use as feedback app or employee feedback app for more filtered communication.. - llarrywatson25

The Contenders
13 Soft Intelligence
14 Survey Monkey
15 Quest Back
16 Snap Surveys
18 Impraise
19 Tap My Back
21 Waggl
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