Top Ten Mobile Games to Play While Waiting Somewhere


The Top Ten

1 Subway Surfers

I use to be addicted to this game. Get this to number 1. - nintendofan126

2 Candy Crush Saga

I love playing this game and I play it mostly when I really bored. - cosmo

Yes, I play it and the others a lot.

3 Temple Run
4 Clash of Clans

Fun and challenging. What could give you more than that?

5 Angry Bird
6 Pixel Gun 3D

I used to play it, then my mom (after like 2 months) found out it had guns. No blood, just guns. And my bro and I can't play it anymore. She literally found out 2 months after we got it that it had guns. Really mom?! You just noticed?

7 Pet Rescue Saga
8 Minecraft:Pocket Edition
9 Game Of War
10 Temple Run

The Contenders

11 Clash Royale

Why is this not higher on the list? This is not a game you can get tired of easily, as there is always something to achieve. New features are constantly added to the game. MUST DOWNLOAD

Best game ever

A game can take up to 4 minutes(6 minutes if challenge or FB) you can play this at almost any waiting scenario, either the 3-minute metro or your friend who is on the way. - MChkflaguard_Yt

12 Cut the Rope
13 Bloons Tower Defense 5
14 Clash of Kings

Absolutly the best beter than game of war and clash of clans combined

15 Piano Tiles 2
16 Geometry Dash
17 Roblox

Nothing like play assassin when you're waiting for your perm! LOL

18 Rodeo Stampede
19 Dream League Soccer
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