Best Mobile Phone Operating Systems

The Top Ten

Android OS

Ios should easily be number 2 on this list but lollipop is just great

Open system and Free and the bottom line is Google


IOS is very simple, nice and unlike android without lags and freezes. It's very little chance that you will get virus on your IOS device

How can Mac OS be in a mobile OS list? Anyhow... iOS should be second I'd say. (After Android)

It has all you can ask for a nice interface not to mention our app store is superior and we have Apple Music but the best thing about IOS is security with IOS you can only download images from the internet and things from ITunes and AppStore which gurantees you wont get anything malicious on your device

BlackBerry OS

Most beautiful operating system has blackberry

Palm OS
Windows Mobile

Windows phone is looks smooth and touch screen is better than other os phone

Are constantly improving... Take a look at the new win8.0 with amber update

Windows phone visual Tex is good

I love windows phone outlook

Symbian OS

One of the beast os...

It is cheap, reliable, affordable, and to put it all together... Simply thhe best. Nokia 500

Mac OS

A powerful mobile operating system.

The Contenders

Linux OS
Firefox OS

Best for browsing the web I think

Verdict OS
Java OS
MeeGo OS
Windows 10 Mobile
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