Top 10 Best Mobile Phones of 2018


The Top Ten

1 iPhone X

I hate it so much! - codfan901

These fanboys are just jealous. Iphone X all the way

I miss the classic iphones - codfan901

Yes the iPhone X rocks

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2 OnePlus 5T

The best Android phone ever

3 Samsung Galaxy S8+
4 iPhone 8+
5 OnePlus 5
6 Samsung Galaxy Note 8
7 Google Pixel 2
8 iPhone 8
9 LG G6
10 Samsung Galaxy S9

Beautiful, advanced, elegant and doesn't break the bank like the iPhone X or Note 9. - HeyheyIzDaKaykay

New phone coming out soon

The Contenders

11 Lava Iris
12 MI note 4
13 Oppo F7
14 OnePlus 6T

This is a beast. Way cheaper than an iPhone and double the specs. The iPhone 7 costs as much as this (32GB model) and it has worse specs. - LeetHaterz

15 LG Q6+
16 Nokia 7 Plus
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