Top 10 Mobs That Should Be On Minecraft Pocket Edition

I hope this list is going to outshine Top Ten EX Pokemon Cards because it seems like that's the only one that people vote for.

The Top Ten

1 Blazes

The blazes are ALREADY in Minecraft Pocket Edition dudes

Just 1 thing; the nether wasn't added.

2 Iron Golems

Ok I totally agree. I think both
Golems should be on Minecraft pocket

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3 Godzilla

Wow that would change the game...

4 Ender Dragon

The ender dragon is awesome!

5 Ocleots

Well, if there's jungles in Minecraft
Pocket edition, then ocelots should
Be in Minecraft pocket edition.

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6 Horse

When you ride it so awesome horse can tame also

7 Rabbits


8 Killer Rabbits
9 Guardian

You kill them for infinite prismarine,plus they are cool

10 Headless People


The Contenders

11 Owls

It would be perfect for harry potter maps

12 King

It can one shot you

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