Top Ten Mobs That Should Be In Minecraft

Top ten list of the mobs and hostile mobs they should have in Minecraft.

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1 More Villager Types

There could be a village leader with a fancy rob that spawns once in each village

They should be because villagers are dumb

Here are my ideas 1:warriors: these guys would serve as protectors of the village killing zombies and players who kill villagers. They would have swords and shields to fight or be archers in archer towers shooting at you. 2: fishermen: they would basically fish in the docks or on boats. The villagers would actually do there jobs and defend there village.


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2 Birds

There should be robins, when killed they drop feathers and the rare robin's egg, which can be an ingredient in a flying potion. Also a vulture, who spawns in the savanna and pueblo (or whatever it's called) and likes to hang around animals. When you kill an animal in the presence of a vulture they become hostile because you are stealing their food (the meat and other stuff that animals drop when killed) and when killed they drop raw meat, and finally a roc, which is a giant bird that attacks horses and cows, when killed it drops a Giant Talon, something that the Villager Priest will trade for lots of emeralds.

Macaw: tamable, warns you of nearby hostile mobs, comes in multiple colors, and gives a good atmosphere in the jungle. Sea Gull: flies over oceans and drops raw fish and feathers when killed. Eagle: lives in taiga and extreme hills and kills chickens. Drops raw fish, chicken, and feathers. Songbirds (Cardinals, Tanagers, etc. ): drops feathers and dye. Gives good atmosphere in forests.

Yeh I know they have chickens in minecraft but what about tweet birds, sea birds, herons, flamingos, eagles, vultures and especially penguins

They got to have birds that fly or birds that don't fly like penguins.

There are parrots but birds would be amazing and there could be new types of grass and when u mine it you get bird food to tame your bird and you could get bird homes (made of 1 wood slab 3 wood planks and a iron ingot and bird baths made with 1 fence and 3 iron and you put in water for it to drink and bird leads made by 3 strings 1 lead and 1 iron bird protective walls because if the birds get annoying round your house there could be a new 'ore' called Bird Protective Ore and you smelt it to make an Bird Protective Ingot and 9 ingots could make a Bird Protective Block so they could go away
When u kill birds they drop a coloured feather (made of any type of dye and a feather) and Bird which u can cook and it fills up 4 hunger u should be able to craft Bird Beaks and when u kill a bird it has a 0.01% chance of dropping a Bird Beak and with 9 you can make an enchanted Bird Beak weapon!

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3 Red Dragon

Dragons are already a terrible idea in the Overworld. The Nether Dragon is good but dragons in the overworld are horrible! They will cause too much pressure on SMP servers and make the game even more ridiculous! Other dimension dragons are great but overworld dragons are a bad idea.

I would like to see this critter in Minecraft soon and smash it to bits with my diamond supercharged attack damage sword. Jack age 7

There has to be another dragon in the game because they are so badass awesome! - gakupo4eva

+Jack age 7
You have been playing too many violent games.. And I'm in 4th grade in not allowed to play the sims, any anime I can't read manga either. Your mum needs to watch you 😱😱

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4 Ninjas

Ugh... No way. No ninjas. They can't do anything but to kill you and the new item is a spike star?

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5 Proper Fish

I agree, this would make fishing a lot more realistic and perhaps more feasible for survival.

Your fishing with no fish in the water

When they mean proper fish, they mean fish would be visible

They will be added in he 1.13 Update Aquatic! - ChuckLaunching

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6 Normal Character

Sorry. That already deleted. But I want them back! Oh my Notch

You can get the spider qween mod for that

7 Sharks

They could have them deep or further in the water.

I'm not sure about this idea...

Deep and they are hostile, Easy: 2.5 hearts damage
Medium: Immune to fire or lava and 5 hearts damage
Hard: Comes in groups, immune to fire, lava, and drowning, and 7.5 hearts damage
12 hearts

I think they able to destroy you'er boat

8 More Wolves

There should be white wolves, black wolves, even the red wolf! (Would be reddish brown, with a black back, tail, and ears, uncommon in real life).

Yeah! This is cool!

Yeah let's add fire wolves,water wolves, land wolves, and nether wolves that can be found in the nether.

Add some white on the red wolf's belly, just saying.-.

9 Snow Leopards Snow Leopards The snow leopard is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. The name "Snow Leopard" is due to its white fur, and the black spots dotted over it.
10 Vampire

It would be so sick if there were if I could I would even tam it

We already hae them but as evil villagers that summon enemies and their fangs to attack - epictoonsfan1

They would make the game creepier

No u guys are wrong it should not be added! this is a survival game and a sandboc game but not a horror game and people say"yeah they have bats, oh yeah u know what else? Tanks and cars! "

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11 Arctic Fox Arctic Fox The Arctic fox, also known as the white fox, polar fox, or snow fox, is a small fox native to the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and common throughout the Arctic tundra biome.
12 More Ocelots

Please no they turn into cats who already have enough textures.

I like the idea of the common black ocelot living with the tribe, and even, GEM OCELOT. It s
would drop Jewels according to its type (emerald, ruby, diamond, yes I know rubies don't exist anymore) and rarely, an Ocelot Claw, used for a Fright potion (for keeping mobs away)

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13 Cannibals

You have got to have cannibals in minecraft. It will be great for survival

They could do what they do in the film cannibal holocaust

Just imagine this "You are walking along a beach when suddenly! From out of the jungle!
A tribe of cannabis leaps at you with weapons drawn! " It would be such a great addition to the game!

Yeah cannibal villiagers and military villiagers that must fight them of and iorn golems and you must help also.

14 Nether Cats
15 Reptiles

Just imagine standing in a river when a crocodile comes and attacks you. You are thrown backwards into a snake, who poisons you and leaves you to die. Then a blocky Komodo Dragon finishes you off. Oh yes, we definitely need reptiles in Minecraft.

They should be in Minecraft there totally awesome! Crocodiles would be a awesome boss!

This is a brilliant idea!

Yes you could tame them with meat would love to have a lizard in miecraft - epictoonsfan1

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16 Nether Cows
17 Fusion Creatures


18 The Plague (The Black Death)

That is scary so no don't do it it's sick in the head

Never do this! Please

No. Do not.

Where will you get the plague from, anyway?

Along with rats, fleas, and some other middle age mobs.

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19 Arachnids

Just some sort of spider boss maybe and some spiders that drop heaps of loot as well!

What about a black widow and a boss scorpion

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20 A Lava Zombie

I think it will be cool if you had a lava zombie in the nether

Or if a zombie went into a pit of lava.

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