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21 Shield Man

More like knights

Cool idea, but how will it look like?

22 Crocodiles

They ought to have crocodiles in minecraft

23 Jellyfish

Just imagine you swimming without a care in the ocean, when suddenly you get stung by a jellyfish. Then you swim away, when a moray eel comes and bites you. After that, you do not know what to do, when suddenly a Leviathan comes and kills you. Then you sink to the bottom, where lobsters and sharks eat you for Thanksgiving. They must have more mods like this.

Jellyfish are beautiful, come on do you agree with me that they should have jellyfish in minecraft.

Because there is nothing in the ocean apart from squid and guardians we need more life in the oceans!

There are Guardians

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24 Camels

Tame them with apples and ride them through the desert

Yes! And they carry things like chests and Ender chests. They could drop nothing but XP's or maybe whatever people eat in real life

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25 Reindeer Reindeer
26 Other Tropical Fish V 1 Comment
27 Herobrine

We're waiting notch... Very patiently...

Now, I definitely believe in Herobrine. But, it would be cool to see him as a mob that you can spawn only with /summon and he will stalk and haunt you. - thelegendaries101

Come on! This is an obvious YES! Ya, sure, he could demolish you as well as EVERYTHING, but, that's the point!

The last time I killed him was 26 of October 2016.But it can be really cool to make a new,upgraded and clones like him

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28 More Cat Breeds

No we already have those. Maybe grey tabby but we already have that

Yes they are so cute I don't no why they are number 12 they are so cute;3

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29 More Dog Breeds

Yes I'm tired of cats being there but no dog breeds just northern Inuit like

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30 Lions

I think a lion will be an amazing mob. They are nuetral mobs and they can be male female and cub and they aren't tamable and if you don't spawn them they are found in prides and they do attack sheep cows chickens and pigs and they make growling and purring sounds and they roar when they're mad so anyway I think a lion would be a great mob


31 Giraffes

They could spawn in Savannah biomes! You should be able to tame and ride them, and their food can be acica leaves!

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32 Dinosaurs

Why is there not dinosaurs in minecraft. Yes there's a Mod for dinosaurs but I think they ought to have them as one of the main mobs.

I'd much rather have dinosaurs than dragons in Minecraft. Maybe it's just because I want to be a paleontologist? - thelegendaries101

They should put there own variation of a T. Rex! That would be So Cook

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33 Wither Storm

Actually that's a REALLY good idea, because it can be a boss for the nether!

Yes! Just yes! I want to see what it would do.

YES and they can make the command block craftable then make it as normal but the center soul sand will be replaced with the command block.

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34 Godzilla
35 Fluffy (Harry Potter)

This is stupid

Yes yyes yes I love harry poster

36 Evil Villagers

If you hit them they try to kill you

What about negative villagers? They are blue-skinned and there houses are made out of stone?

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37 Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris is an American martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter. He was born in March 10, 1940, in Ryan, OK. He is famous for mostly starring in western and action movies.

Why would he be in Minecraft he should never be in the game

He would kill everyone

Chuck Norris is a Famguide character


38 Horse V 3 Comments
39 Pegasus

If only you can feed a horse feathers and it will grow wings. - Officialpen

Who wouldn't want to ride a flying horse in the sky

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40 Rats Rats Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents of the superfamily Muroidea. "True rats" are members of the genus Rattus, the most important of which to humans are the black rat, Rattus rattus, and the brown rat, Rattus norvegicus.
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