Top Ten Mobs That Should Be In Minecraft

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61 Donald Trump

Yeah! Iron Golems would recognize them as hostile mobs and kill them! You could find Donald Trumps running around trying to build walls around zombies and getting attacked. Haha, yes. That would make Minecraft great again (joking)!

Please so I can keep him in a cage!

To make walls

62 Penguin V 2 Comments
63 Gumball Waterson V 1 Comment
64 Cheetahs

Actually having them without a mod would be cool.

65 King Kong

Eats villagers and destroys villagers?

He should be in the jungle and defend tempels

66 Stay Puft
67 Clover
68 Ghosts

Some scary things that just fly randomly in your world

Can be found in the end and nether?

V 2 Comments
69 Sheep Killer


70 Skeleton Creepers
71 Piranha
72 Sasquatches
73 Yaks

You could get wool and beef from them and they can do 4 damage

74 Bigfoot
75 Copy Orb

A rainbow orb that transforms into anything so you will never be safe

76 Kangaroos

Please kangaroos are awesome they are fluffy cute strong fast awesome and should totally be tamable and ADDED

Kangaroos are cute and strong and should be tamable with cookies! Vote for team kangaroo they will be helpful

Fluffy and cute, also amazingly strong and fast. were waiting notch add kangaroos!

Minecraft isn't in Australia and Australia isn't a biome

V 1 Comment
77 Zombie Horse

They already have this but they are very rare like Spider Jockeys.

V 1 Comment
78 Grey Aliens
79 Evil Flying Monster
80 Wizard

Like a witch but nice and can trade with him to get potions

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