Top Ten Mobs That Should Be In Minecraft

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101 Poop

It has eyes and goes around defending players from hostile mobs! YEEES!

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102 More Mammals

Whales deer monkeys tigers jaguars elphants yes

Stuff like chimps elephants prairie dogs bears mooses OHH BIGFOOT I NEED TO STOP WRITING WHY AM I STILL WRITING hold on a minute (um excuse me bigfoot I'm trying to add you into Minecraft so wait a minute) now where were we oh yes! Bats... with... Rabi... Es umm oook - polipoop

103 Baby Steve

It can go around with Steve and help him.
They are 1 block tall

104 Giant Skeleton

It's a giant zombie except a skeleton

105 Laval
106 Enderskeleton V 1 Comment
107 Whales V 1 Comment
108 Cthulhu Cthulhu Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft and first introduced in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu", published in the American pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928. Considered a Great Old One within the pantheon of Lovecraftian cosmic entities, the creature has since been more.
109 Turtles V 2 Comments
110 Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio

That would be awesome if you think about it - DubstepLover

111 Gummy Bears

Weird... I like it!

They trie to take over the world

112 Demon


They just go around killing you in the nether and they do 9 damage. And raelly? In 2 hits you, d be dead and st. Steven
Welcoming you to Heaven!

113 Ender Wither V 1 Comment
114 Chickens V 2 Comments
115 Shadowcreeper

King of the creeper army

116 Raccoons

They have 18 HP are neutral hostile at night and do 4 damage and when they see you at night their tails go up

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117 King Creeper

You could find one in a river - TopLucas

They would do HUMONGOUS amounts of damge

118 King Skeleton
119 King Blaze
120 King Slime

(Insert King Slime's description in Terraria)

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