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1 Play

Yes! Nice to see good ol' play in first place. Its got cool songs, fun songs, happy songs, sad songs! This is Moby's masterpiece! My favorite by far along with Everything was Beautiful and Noting Hurt. - Slipperyjack40

I feel like I'm the only one who prefers Play over 18. This is some of the best electronic music you will ever here. It takes you through several different emotions including happiness (Southside and Bodyrock) Saddnes (Why does my Heart feel so Bad and The Sky is brocken) and even intensity (Machete). I like to listen to Play before I go to bed since all these emotions make it exhausting to listen to.

Play redefined electronic music and brought it into the forefront of pop culture. This album perfectly mends African American soul of the 1930s with the electronic music of the late 90s and is Moby's best work, being just a hair ahead of his other masterpiece, 1996's Animal Rights.

His bestselling album by far. I can see why. But I prefer 18.

2 18

I don't think I can be labelled as a Moby fan, not even an electronic music fan for that matter, but I just love this album. Every single song is a masterpiece.

My favourite Moby album, without a question. To me, 18 is just absolute perfection. I love it! No, I adore it! No, I worship it!


3 Hotel
4 Destroyed.

This is the best Moby album! No contest. I've been listening to 18 on and off all my life but I just listened to destroyed today and it's awesome! People just don't know good music when they here it.

5 Play: The B-Sides

Sometimes, I prefer the B-Sides to the primary album. The ambient just makes you fall in love all the time!

6 Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt

Can you people please vote! This is a great album. Great to listen to when feeling depressed. Its his most beautiful piece of music he has ever created! Play will probably always be my favorite album, but this is like just as good! - Slipperyjack40

"Falling rain and light" is as good as the tracks on" Play" This album has its own feel to it, and is beautiful. ---- nextelvis

Amazing album, but it hurts. Listen to it

7 18 B Sides

18 has got some pretty awesome B-Sides! Awesome stuff, Moby!

8 Wait for Me

All of Moby's albums are good. But Wait for Me just really sticks out. All the songs are really unique and beautiful and carry a great Saddnes through them. It makes the world look ugly but beautiful at the same time! It isn't something that I can listen to and nobody should consider it an everyday favorite. It's somewhere to go every once and a great while. Overall, I consider this to be one of Mobys greatest masterpieces. Everybody should check it out and experience the trance it puts you in.

9 I Like to Score
10 Everything Is Wrong

Definitely up there with his best. I love God Moving over the Face of the Waters.

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11 Animal Rights
12 Innocents

Just released last Sunday, I got the whole thing, and it's awesome! But Play & 18 are still the best. - PositronWildhawk

13 Moby

This is perfect music for gaming and dancing. I love this.

His first album, released in 1992. A confirmation that Moby (the artist) would definitely be awesome!

14 Last Night
15 Play: The Outtakes
16 These Systems Are Failing

Not his best but I love some of the stuff on there.

17 Ambient
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