Best Moby Remixes

This list shows music that Moby remixed or music by Moby that was remixed by another artist.

The Top Ten

1 We Are All Made of Stars (DJ Tiesto Remix)

Moby's best song in many ways became better with this remix by the awesome DJ Tiesto, but I cannot choose between it and the original.

You simply cannot argue with this track. Moby and DJ Tiesto have pure musical talent that is impossible to ignore.

2 Extreme Ways (Voodoo Child Remix)

Never heard the piano being played so brilliantly

3 Feeling So Real (Unashamed Ecstatic Piano Mix)

The piano in this is just too awesome for words

4 Michael Jackson - Beat It (Moby Remix)

Massively better than the original. Thank You Moby and Thank You Michael.

5 Orbital - Speed Freak (Moby Remix)

Again, this is epic and wonderous. Moby has made Orbital look small by comparison.

6 Bond Theme (Moby Remix)

This is so awesome I don't see why it was never in a Bond Movie. It would have concluded "Skyfall" brilliantly!

7 Moby's Star Wars Remix

Epic sound that you want to run to whenever you hear it

8 Blue Moon (Holy Ghost Remix)
9 In This World (Quartz Dnb Remix)
10 Extreme Ways (DJ Tiesto Remix)
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