Moby Songs With the Best Lyrics

Moby has some of the most heartbreaking, uplifting, thought-provoking lyrics in music.

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1 Extreme Ways

This is the only one I really know and yet really love. And it's at number 1! - Britgirl

Can't choose just one sample. It's full of great lyrics.

2 Raining Again

"Oh, and it's raining again, light on your car like bullets on tin; oh, and it's raining again, open the door and pulling me in"

3 We Are All Made of Stars

"Growing in numbers, growing at speed, can't fight the future, can't fight what I've seen"

4 Slipping Away

"Open to everything happy and sad, seeing the good when it's all going bad; seeing the sun we can't really see, hoping the sun will at least look at me; focus on everything better today, all that I needed I never could say; hold onto people they're slipping away, hold onto people they're slipping away..."

Thanks to whoever created this list for I am a huge fan of Moby. And these lyrics always get me. - PositronWildhawk

5 Lift Me Up

"Plain talking has ruined us now; we'll never know how it's sweeter than thou"

6 A Case for Shame

"A fine line will set you apart, swallow my name, swallowing down"

7 Blue Moon

"Come take these days away, load me up when skies are grey; blue moons are falling now, through all the years we wondered how"

8 Whispering Wind

"There's a hopeless place inside my heart; when I look inside I see where we are"

Wow. Those lyrics are heartbreaking. This is a really good song, go and hear it.

9 The Last Day

"On the last day, you walked out in the sun; you'd only just discovered the sun, on the last day"

Skylar Grey's vocals are so good!

Yes. Very meaningful. - Slipperyjack40

10 Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Can't believe I've like this for a few years and didn't even know it was Moby! Unbelievable! Really nice song. - Britgirl

"Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does my soul feel so bad? "

The Contenders

11 The Day
12 South Side
13 The Sky Is Broken
14 Natural Blues
15 At Least We Tried
16 Almost Home

My wife and I love this over and over again...purchased and downloaded from itunes...

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