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21 Natalie Grant

She writes some of the most inspirational songs

She has one of the most amazing and versatile voices I've ever heard.

Has an amazing voice!

She is the best!

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22 Flyleaf
23 Tenth Avenue North

Tenth avenue north has something to offer.. Their songs are deep.. The lyrics are wonderfully woven into one song.. Behind the songs are also very powerful and empowering to every christian.. Their new released album shows the struggle of every christian but at the end it's always about Jesus still, making the band more shining to me is that they reflect and make Christ the star of every song... Praise God..

I think Starfield is another great band.. They have piercing emotional lyrics which makes you feel much more wonderful in Christ.. Like a reminder.. I think both bands have the same concept..

Tenth avenue north has been in my playlist since I've been aware of Christian music.. their songs are great! they inspire everyone not excluding any age.. they don't just make music but they also make praises and adoration for Jesus... hope you'll vote for them they are just too awesome they shouldn't be in the 20th they deserve better

Mike has SUCH a story behind the songs (look him up on youtube) and is such a motivational and sincere speaker that you KNOW their words and feelings are real. Their commitment to our Father in heaven comes thru time and time again.

They are so good

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24 Icon For Hire
25 Switchfoot Switchfoot

NUMBER 1. Hands down. Fantastic musicians, incredible lyrics--inspiring, challenging, deep, powerful. They have been my favourite band my entire life, and they don't get old. They don't compromise creativity or follow cliche Christian trends. Each album is different. Going to Bro Am this year and I'm stoked.

MUST be FIRST definitely! Tremendous music! Can't be compared to any other band, it's perfect! My favourite songs are Awakening, Dark Horses, Afterlife, Your love is a song.

Switchfoot is one of the very few Christian bands that aren't corny and I really really love their music.

Best band ever. The songs are so inspiring and bring hope to a world deeply in need of this!

26 Demon Hunter Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter- Best Christian metal band out there. Highly suggested for a metal head. They sound very much like Five Finger Death Punch and others.

One Of The Most Heaviest Christian bands ever!

27 Third Day

Awesome in concert. Total pros in every way.

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28 Lightswitch
29 Hillsong United Hillsong United

Not "Christian music." This is the best church worship music for teens and adults alike. They definitely have the best variety of songs, and should be number one by far. If they are ever performing near you, buy tickets no matter what.

Cannot be compared to any other Christian band out there - so many anointed songs, nobody else compares. My brothers and sisters in Christ, this is music from the throne-room of God!

I like them too much. The way they compose music, that sound so amazing it makes me cry.

These guys do okay music although what they support is NOT cool.

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30 Ashes Remain

Love this group!

31 LZ7

These guys are THE Christian BAND of Europe like how here in America we have Chris Tomlin, TobyMac, LeCrae, and many others they are same in Europe. They are in the top 5 of several charts in the music industry across the way. They are on my list top 10 easily.

32 For King and Country

These guys deserve to be first! They are the best group of all time. Their lyrics are amazing, their music is awesome and their concerts are mind-blowing! Their song "Priceless" has to be one of the best songs of all time and the message they are trying to get out through it is very admirable.

Okay really? How is this band not number one? Go to one of their concerts and tell me if they still should be this low on the list. (by the way much love and respect for all the other artists, I just find it incomprehensible that they are this low on the list.)

They music has the BEST message, the BEST sound, and they have BEST live performances. They out do every band easily at a concert.

How is this band not #1?

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33 Thousand Foot Krutch Thousand Foot Krutch V 2 Comments
34 Matt Redman

Matt Redman should be in the top 10 at least, who put this thing together anyway?

He should be in the top twenty at least


35 NF NF Nathan "Nate" John Feuerstein, whose stage name is NF, is an American Christian hip hop rapper, singer and musician from Gladwin, Michigan.

NF is the most inspirational singer/rapper, not just in Christian music, but in all music! Go check him out!

Is one of the best Christian rapper.

I love his wait and I'll keep on

36 Capital Kings Capital Kings Capital Kings is an American pop, electronic and Christian pop act currently consisting of producer and rapper Cole Walowac.

Capital Kings is the Best Christian Band ever..
With their Debut album.. They have reached out to the fans...
My top 5 Songs are:
1) Born To love
2) You'll never be alone
3) Living for the outer side
4) All The Way
5) I feel so alive

Number 34? What kind of a list is this? Capital Kings for the win! - RiverClanRocks

Great music; love the message; from the heart

These guys are AMAZING live! I have seen TobyMac, Newsboys, Mandisa, Big Daddy Weave, and a few others they easily are top ten for live show. With the new album out my top five songs from them are...
1. Born To Love
2. Live For The Drop
3. Believer
4. I Feel So Alive
5. Fireblazin' feat. Chris Tomlin

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37 Kari Jobe

Wow, I seriously can't believe Kari Jobe is ranked so low in this list! Her voice is just amazing and her songs always touch my heart. A true Christian artist!

I love the way her songs are arranged. And how the instruments are used in her songs to make them more powerful. Her voice is very precise and unique.

Kari jobe should be first her music is so inspiring and always brings me to my knees before the one tru king. Her music makes me cry. every time,

She is just amazing. I cry every time..

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38 Anthem Lights

I love EVERY song on their album. (that doesn't happen often)

The group's style is incredible--they're able to harmonize effortlessly, and they're covers of secular pop artists are just plain ol' awesome! They all possess some of the best male vocals I have ever heard, especially the newcomer Spencer Kane.

I just Can't Shut Up about their songs! They're so good! - OhioStateBuckeyes

Great group with epic talent, but more importantly they have solid words!
I can see them moving up the list.

39 David Crowder Band

Such a gift he was giving from God with a great voice and in return we get the gift to hear him, if you have never seen this band live you really need to they are spectacular.

How is he NOT in the top ten!?!?!? Amazing in concert! Lift your head weary sinner is SO GOOD LIVE

I Love this guy his stuff is so good. Great content and lyrics.

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