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41 Anthem Lights

I love EVERY song on their album. (that doesn't happen often)

I just Can't Shut Up about their songs! They're so good! - OhioStateBuckeyes

Great group with epic talent, but more importantly they have solid words!
I can see them moving up the list.

42 Fireflight

Fireflight is so great! For the ones who like rock, they are perfect! Their songs express how do you feel as a sinner, but now redeemed.

43 Michael W. Smith

His debut album in 1983 contained the #1 song of that DECADE "Friends" which received more dedications, selections as class songs and evoked more tears than any song ever! "Place in this World"... HE just keeps getting better, and is a humble servant of God!

In my opinion the greatest singer.
Songs like "You Won't Let Go" and "Take me Home" will blow you away.

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44 Andy Mineo

Talented guy. Great stuff. I can only listen to his sound for so long though. He always the same, kinda pissed and aggressive.

Dope! He and Lecrae are really good!

Andy mineo should be on #1 he is awesome my favoret song is you can't stop me

45 Mat Kearney Mat Kearney Mathew William "Mat" Kearney is an American musician born in Eugene, Oregon, now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mat Kearney Rocks! Just listen to his songs, Down, Ships In the Night and Chasing The Light. Vote For Him!

46 NeedToBreathe

Slumber, Signature Of Divine, Lay Em' Down, Keep Your Eyes Open, Drive All Night, Washed by the water, The outsiders and Something Beautiful, All BIG Hits On the Radio, Wow Hits, and Dove Awards.

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47 Family Force 5

They have the ability to draw quite the crowd. Because they tour in the secular industry as well as the christian industry, they build a nice bridge in bringing non-believers to their concerts.

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48 Falling Up

Most unique Christian band ever. They're music honestly blows me away. Amazing, amazing, amazing talent. Not sure if they're my all-time favourite but they're up there with Skillet and Owl City. Probably either Falling Up or Skillet would be my number 1 though. If you're talking about lyrics, I may choose different bands/artists however. But these would be my top 3 for musical talent. But Falling Up is still the most unique out of these three. I love Skillet for John Cooper's voice and how epic/awesome their songs are. Owl City for his amazingly unique electronic music and is amazingly clear voice. But Falling Up's music far exceeds them for creativity. And Jessy is also a great writer as well.

49 Brandon Heath

He needs to be recognized. Jesus in disguise, Leaving Eden, Your Love, etc...

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50 Steven Curtis Chapman

He was my childhood music, I love his voice, so amazing

51 Aaron Shust

Meaningful lyrics, melodious songs!

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52 Lauren Daigle

Great voice, good lyrics and nice instrumental arrangement. She sings with her heart! She's amazing!

Did you know that trust in you is one of the most popular songs on Christian radio right now

She has such a amazing voice, "how can it be" is such a amazing album

She has made some of my favourite songs ever; secular or religious!

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53 Sonicflood
54 Underoath Underoath
55 Samestate

I Love Hurricane, Shadows, King, Upside Down... Well actually I love all their songs. Vote for them!

56 Israel Houghton

His music is awesome. But the lyrics are even greater. Take the time to listen to the lyrics and let the words connect to your soul. You will truly be bless.

57 Abandon
58 Building 429

No doubt. it is best band than many of the bands and artists above. just listen to you carried me, listen to the sound, made for you and many more.

They are great in concert and have found their sound. Can't wait for the next Cd.

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59 Mark Schultz
60 Danny Gokey

Hope in front of me is awesome and also tell your heart to beat again! So much feeling and truth in it!

He is my favorite singer! He should be #1

You serious right now. Danny Gokey is the best, he totaly deserves to be top 5

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