Top Ten Modern Combat 5: Blackout Multiplayer Weapons

This list is developed to throne up the greatest weapons in MC 5 : Blackout [Multiplayer] which millions of players worldwide use to vanquish the opponents on the battlefields of Scramble, Canals, Rooftops and so on. Vote for what you hold, and comment why?

The Top Ten


I also got it

The best ever. Looks sick and is dependable

It fires red silver tip rounds which are Armour piercing incendiary tracer rounds

So good, especially with hip fire. too bad prestige weapons came out I was so good

2 BSW 77 BSW 77

Have a best bolt and fast bolt reload and have a best ammo capacity

One of the best guns in the game only thing is the cross hair should be smaller and relod time should be decreased other then that this gun has no flaws


It's like a really good gun with decent fire rate, damage and accuracy. Although when u will unlock damage increasing muzzle it's damage increases to Dread eye. And it has a very big clip

Most versatile sniper in the entire game with 1 hit kill damage at max, massive magazine, semi-automatic thus pretty fire rate and much much better than ROD in every way. Above all, it gives 90% 1 hit kills at its max, what else to ask from a semi-automatic - NEPHILIM298

A stable, agile and powerful sniper. It doesn't get better than this.

4 ERG 10

Haha,a reason for one shot kill?



Go for head shot...and iron sight...

I feel that the kog is the best weapon because with the pt7 silencer it has insane amount of accuracy and aiming down sight does almost twice the amount of damage

6 Vosk 4
7 EER 15


Much better than Verr Power

Shoots blue energy rounds that's just sick

Awesome gun! Not fast, though. Load time not ideal. Accuracy top notch. But it cost me a fortune to get it, pay2play, because I prefer the road less traveled—not because I’m rich. $70.

Best gun ever seen

8 DBS 4
9 Maelstrom

Definitely Prestige at a Level 4 price...

This feels like a prestige when used correctly.

The best shotgun I have ever used
has high rate of fire which makes it deadly
can kill max 4 persons with close combat

10 SLS-3

Prettt good for getting headshots...

If you aim bad, this is really good gun

This gun is ' awesome! - NEPHILIM298

This is the best

The Contenders

11 Red-34 Red-34

It has the best damage to rate of fire ratio. Only use the red dot sight.


Damage to rate of fire is amazing

too good

12 Stainen 56 Stainen 56
13 Bosk 3 Bosk 3

It should be considered prestige

This thing will destroy anything in it's path. Amazing gun, looks great, great hip fire, everything about it is just amazing. That is why this have to be on the list.

Bosk is Lejendary and balanced weapon in MC5

Pure awesome, headshot king

14 AWW-1

The auto aim on this gun is brilliant, plus when you add the micro turrets your kills go sky high

The instant lock-on provides great damage mid to long range.

I was called hacker when I used it

My new favorite weapon.

15 PR39 PR39

Really nice

Outguns any single full auto weapon

16 Aresk-07 Aresk-07

Good but take time in recoil.

Very high damage...

17 AAR34
18 Charbtek-28 Charbtek-28

With a silencer and an ACOG, its too op

19 Hawk-13
20 Sering 9 Sering 9
21 Compakt-665 Compakt-665
22 Bramson Bramson

Great for shredding multiple enemies at a time in close quarters (even better than Bosk 3), and has awesome animations.

23 Luks-MK2


24 QKR-89 QKR-89

Great gun

25 Rod-94 Rod-94
26 SMASS-410 SMASS-410
27 BMF-12 BMF-12
28 Fers09 Fers09

Why so low is lightweight and a decent gun

29 Krube-37 Krube-37
30 T.O.N.I.

epic gun

31 AMG 200
32 DS-1310 DS-1310
33 Jolt-7 MP Jolt-7 MP
34 Sabre-S2 Sabre-S2
35 Mrager
36 Hauzzer 45 Hauzzer 45

An insane clip size, but is outclassed by more accurate/damaging guns

37 Shred-4 Shred-4

Super op at mk5

38 AX-100 Mk II AX-100 Mk II
39 RSR 45 RSR 45
40 SODAW-74 SODAW-74

Back in the old mc5 days this gun was a beast although suffering from such stats can still be used as a killing machine, although now its just...beyond horrible...

41 Norbok-38 Norbok-38
42 ASIX-338 ASIX-338

Amazing weapon

43 VOID 6
44 Romket-178 Romket-178
45 KR-200 KR-200
47 FS80 FS80
48 FHG 14
49 Ratog
50 Mek R3
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