Top Ten Greatest Modern Progressive Rock and Metal Albums


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21 Portal of I - Ne Obliviscaris
22 Anno Domini High Definition - Riverside
23 Fear of a Blank Planet - Porcupine Tree

What? Why is this brilliant album down this far? A fantastic album, buy it people

Blows my mind

24 Hand. Cannot. Erase. - Steven Wilson

Album of decade

25 Spiritual Migration - Persefone

A unique landmark in the progressive death metal genre, this contrasts beautiful instrumentals with heavy songs driven by death vocals and extremely technical guitar riffs and soloing - petrucci75hammet

26 Ocean Machine: Biomech - Devin Townsend

Another genius songwriter and guitar player, everything devin has done is brilliant

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27 Into the Electric Castle - Ayreon
28 Walking On a Flashlight Beam - Lunatic Soul
29 Sound Awake - Karnivool
30 Back to the Times of Splendor - Disillusion
31 Periphery II - Periphery

How is this not here? Scarlet? Facepalm Mute? Do you guys have no taste in progressive metal? - Lem

32 Life and Death - The Dear Hunter

Act III of an all encompassing story, Life and Death continues the story of The Dear Hunter during his early adulthood. He joins the army and fights in battles. During this time he meets his long lost brother and father, and even a new lover until things take a turn.

33 Witherscape - Witherscape
34 Core - Persefone
35 The First Chapter - Circus Maximus
36 Aquarius - Haken

Amazing mix of feelings, When I listen to it I can clearly imagine an epic journey in my mind with highs and lows, 10/10 album

37 Octavarium - Dream Theater

One of the greatest. Deserves top 5.

38 Second Nature - Flying Colors
39 Cosmogenesis - Obscura
40 The Sound of Perseverance - Death
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