Top 10 Modern SpongeBob Episodes That Parents Should Watch

These are the episodes that parents should watch so that way they'll realize how truly horrible and inappropriate this show has gotten. Tell your parents to watch all of these episodes on this list and they'll see how awful and evil the show's gotten. If you do you are making this world a better place to live in.

The Top Ten

1 One Coarse Meal
2 The Splinter

Just Google Images search the title and you'll see all you need to see to understand how disgustingly horrible this episode is. I cannot believe the show I used to treasure as a kid (Seasons 1-3) has gotten this bad. - BKAllmighty

3 A Pal for Gary
4 Squid's Visit
5 House Fancy
6 Demolition Doofus

Really? Murder? - Goatworlds

7 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

This is just as awful as the average episode of Sanjay and Craig! This episode is nothing but nonstop gross-out "humor" an a moral that it's okay to be dirty. It is NOT okay! This makes A Pal for Gary look like Band Geeks.

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8 To Love a Patty

Parents are really letting their kids watch a cartoon filled with Paraphilia and Animal Abuse?

9 Choir Boys
10 Squid Baby

It's a squidward torture porn episode and its awful - Lunala

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