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1 Sand Castles In The Sand

This was amazing. Easily my #1 modern SpongeBob episode.

This episode was very fun and entertaining. It reminded me of the old Spongebob, where it was creative, imaginative, and funny.

This episode is not my favorite modern episode, but this is amazing! Aka, my favorite in " not normal"

2 Plankton's Pet
3 Single Cell Anniversary
4 Perfect Chemistry
5 It's A SpongeBob Christmas

I'll be totally honest here. I actually prefer the episode It's A SpongeBob Christmas over the episode Christmas Who?. That's how good this episode is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Best episode ever

6 Roller Cowards

Why are there episodes from 2007 on here? - Goatworlds

Agreed. This is a mid-SpongeBob episode, not a modern, but I guess anything post-Movie is considered "modern". - Cesium

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7 Friend Or Foe?
8 Planet Of The Jellyfish

Sand Castles in the Sand was ALMOST my favorite post movie episode, but Planet of the Jellyfish JUST beat it!

WHY IS THIS ON THE LIST?! It could give Kids nightmares!

Nah, I think kids would think that the episode is cool. Take it from me. I actually like the episode myself. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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9 The Bad Guy Club For Villains
10 Krabs A La Mode V 2 Comments

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11 Krusty Towers

Please remove this episode. It is from Season 4.

It was from season 4, but I really liked this episode and it was so funny. - Catacorn

Best modern spongebob episode. - DCfnaf

12 Tutor Sauce
13 Mimic Madness

So amazing. Felt like a season 1-3 episode

A very good episode indeed. It was amazing

I don't think this counts because Stephen hillenburg returned

14 Suction Cup Symphony
15 Sing A Song Of Patrick
16 Help Wanted

What the heck? This was the first episode ever. This one is old, started production in 1997, aired in 1999, so it's old. Anything within 7 years of now is new. - Goatworlds

Come on. Five episodes on this list are from Season 4 and Pre-Movie. I will remake this list.

This is the first episode, come on guys. - Catacorn

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17 Shell Shocked
18 The Original Fry Cook V 1 Comment
19 Scaredy Pants

It's a pre-movie era SpongeBob SquarePants episode, so therefore, it's not a Modern SpongeBob episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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20 Patrick-Man!
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