Best Modern SpongeBob Episodes

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1 Sand Castles In The Sand

This was amazing. Easily my #1 modern SpongeBob episode.

This episode was very fun and entertaining. It reminded me of the old Spongebob, where it was creative, imaginative, and funny.

This episode is not my favorite modern episode, but this is amazing! Aka, my favorite in " not normal"

When modern sponge bobs stupidity finally becomes useful

2 Plankton's Pet

Funny lololololo

3 Single Cell Anniversary
4 It's A SpongeBob Christmas

I'll be totally honest here. I actually prefer the episode It's A SpongeBob Christmas over the episode Christmas Who?. That's how good this episode is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

For sure the best dark age spongebob episode (seasons 6-9)

Best episode ever

Don't be a jerrrk it's christmaas

Come to think of it the singing parts of this episode kinda reminds me of a good version of [shudders] Chior Boys. Tom Kenny can do good singing even in that silly spongebob voice. The only downside of this episode is that Patrick and santa look kinda creepy

5 Perfect Chemistry
6 Roller Cowards

Why are there episodes from 2007 on here? - Goatworlds

Agreed. This is a mid-SpongeBob episode, not a modern, but I guess anything post-Movie is considered "modern". - Cesium

Podt -season 4 is considered modern, not post-season 5

7 Friend Or Foe?
8 Krabs A La Mode

Season 5 IS modern spongebob

season 5 - Goatworlds

So amazing 3rd fave modern Episide Behind Krusty towers and sand castles in the sand it's so funny creative just amazing

9 Mimic Madness

So amazing. Felt like a season 1-3 episode

The characters were expressed just how they should be. Patrick wasn't mean, Mr. Krabs cared about spongebob and not only his money for a bit, sandy was fine, and so on. The song was amazing as well. The plot was interesting and done perfectly in my opinion. It truly stands out above other modern episodes.

A very good episode indeed. It was amazing

Still not as good as band geeks

10 Krusty Towers

Please remove this episode. It is from Season 4.

It was from season 4, but I really liked this episode and it was so funny. - Catacorn

Best modern spongebob episode. - DCfnaf

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11 Planet Of The Jellyfish

Sand Castles in the Sand was ALMOST my favorite post movie episode, but Planet of the Jellyfish JUST beat it!

This feels more like a regular show episode and the show really nailed it - Brochach

I think once bittern and whelk attack should be on this list

Fun monster story

12 The Bad Guy Club For Villains
13 Tutor Sauce
14 Suction Cup Symphony
15 The Lost Mattress
16 The Original Fry Cook

Season 5. - Goatworlds


17 The Two Faces of Squidward

I know it's a Squidward torture porn, but I have to admit, it was so funny.

18 Shell Shocked
19 Sing A Song Of Patrick
20 Help Wanted

What the heck? This was the first episode ever. This one is old, started production in 1997, aired in 1999, so it's old. Anything within 7 years of now is new. - Goatworlds

Come on. Five episodes on this list are from Season 4 and Pre-Movie. I will remake this list.

Season 1, First Episode - jp12960

21 My Leg!
22 Scaredy Pants

It's a pre-movie era SpongeBob SquarePants episode, so therefore, it's not a Modern SpongeBob episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Season 1? - Goatworlds

23 Patrick-Man!
24 Best Day Ever
25 Dumped

Pre Movie

26 Goo Goo Gas
27 Sold!
28 Gary's New Toy

Arguably the best episode of season 9. Cute, funny, and good natured. A hidden gem of modern SpongeBob. - buzzspark

29 Krabs vs. Plankton

Why is this here? It's Season 4. The old seasons (1-5) do not count. A season doesn't have to be older to be good though. Look at season 9 - Goatworlds

30 The Donut of Shame

It was pointless but hilarious. - Catacorn

31 The Abrasive Side
32 Chum Fricassee
33 The Curse of Bikini Bottom
34 Safe Deposit Krabs
35 Spy Buddies
36 The Krusty Sponge
37 Hello Bikini Bottom!
38 Not Normal
39 The Hot Shot
40 Treats!
41 The Inmates of Summer
42 SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget
43 Enchanted Tiki Dreams
44 A Life in a Day
45 Chum Bucket Supreme
46 Spongicus
47 Back to the Past
48 Mermaid Man Begins
49 Patrick The Game
50 Sharks vs. Pods
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