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21 L86 LSW

The best gun in the game by far in my opinion.

Awesome LMG, great for noobs, has decent accuracy and recoil, and quite fast reload for an LMG. Its only downsides are its weight and weird iron sights, however it can both be dealt with. Just use the Lightweight perk and Red dot/ACOG sight.

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22 Model 1887

People say the spas-12 has more range. But I tested the model, and it beat the spas-12 by a long shot! AKIMBO? Beast! Double the power, and this is most usefull at rust. Because the level is small. No doubt that you will be in First, Second, or Third because the model is the best shotgun ever made in " Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2! - my111

May be I am a bit funny this time, but regardless of other reasons which I am not sure about, I love to use Model 1887 for its stylish reload mechanism...

since the patch, not as good as they used to be, but still strong, and actually has better range with a single Model 1887 without fmj

Best shot gun. And cool akimbo animation

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23 P-90

Good gun, can sometimes kill as quick as the ump but other times cant kill at all it seems. It has a huge clip size and can dominate in ground war on close quarters maps. Best attachment is the silencer, red dot, and akimbo, yes akimbo is very good on it. - KnowItAll

It has rapid fire, and can easily kill people. It has good accuracy, and just for some reason, it's extremely fun to shoot this gun.

Great for using akimbo P90s because of its large mags. Works better with steady aim. Get use to using akimbo P90s and you will be a GOD!

Silencer and extended mags

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24 AA-12

It is low range, but if you get close to them, they die of one shot, my friends rage at me for using this gun.

The AA-12 is an very low ammunition capacity extremly close range beast

25 M21 EBR

I can quick scope pretty well with the Barrett or intervention but with this gun I get double the kills! Close range it's fantastic as well. 2 shot with or without fmj and you can spam it and it's also a headshot machine I can back that up by saying I got the fall camo 5 days into using it. I personally use extended mags or thermal. So underrated and if you haven't used it before, I suggest you do!

HOW is this so low? It's the best sniper ever, kind of like the FAL

I couldn't decide between m-16 a4 or m4a1 so I picked this it is beast

Perfect Accuracy, no recoil and a 1 shot kill with SP.

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26 Vector

Are you kidding?! This gun is easily top 10! It looks awesome, has one of the fastest fire rates in the game and practically NO RECOIL! And add Stopping Power on it to top it all off.

Maybe not the best Vector, but it smells nice and looks so sexy, and I am good with it...

High rate of fire, low recoil, extremely high manueverability. The list goes on.

I used this weapon a lot, and helped my to reach level 13 in Prestige. With te Rapid Fire is perfect, its iron sight are more good than any other sight, is perfect for CQB fight, I love that gun a lot, if this gun existed in COD4 MW...

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27 Knife V 1 Comment
28 Throwing Knife

Awesome weapon

Best way to get muli kills

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29 Thumper
30 PP-2000

Best gun in the game it takes 2 bullets to kill it's the most overpowered it's fully automatic high damage good accuracy. Now here's a secret to getting a nuke get PP-2000 put silencer and extended mags. This gun is awesome. PRO: High damage, accuracy, best to use silencer iron sight is good to best gun in the game

Space monkey225 on xbox live:Good gun it is a good secondery it is probley
Best with red dot sight thanks for reading guys.

It is in the same categorie than the mod.93raffica an primary gun in zhe secondary slot and its very precise

31 Semtex

Semtex owns all! It has HUGE damage radius, and is great for trapping people behind walls, (etc) it is a POWERFUL grenade, it is definitely the best gernade by far. I like to mess up peoples games by just running into groups of people with it!

I always use it escpecailly if people use riot shields so funny

32 G-18

Over powered as hell with akimbo and steady aim. Can kill enemies nearly instantly even at medium range

So good with akimbo its usable up to medium range has a large mag to accomodate the stupidly fast rate of fire.

On it's own it is rubbish and you can't ADS without the recoil bouncing the gun around.

With akimbo it's a beast full stop

No one uses this gun but once you get akimbo it is amazing, I have gotten so many headshots with it even though it has a lot of recoil. Its a secondary weapon and unlocked at a low level please just try it.

33 RPG

IDanger close coupled with scavenger takes the RPG-7 to its maximum potential not an effective long range launcher, but excellent at clearing out small areas such as bunkers and such

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34 Desert Eagle

This gun is so accurate I just played mw3 w/ my friend and he got 21 kills I got 23 so just to prove tis gun is beats we both went and played again and he 46 kills I got 43 so I am usually worse than him but with the deagle I did better

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35 Ranger

This gun is awesome as a secondary for someone who likes to camp.

36 M9

This is a really nice and damn precision gun and have lower recoil than the usp so that's my favourite pistol

With superb accuracy and 30 rounds(extended mag) this gun is unstoppable at close-mid range, even against assault rifles. I have achieved 10:1 kill:death ratio when using only this pistol. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE LITTLE GUNS, THEY ARE awesome!

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37 WA2000

I am a really good sniper in this game. I use this because it is good accuracy, great for shooting quickly, and I am always the bad team because the WA2000 gives you the proper suit every time. - my111

With the Intervention I got like 5 kills per match, mainly because of one shot as the guy run. But with this gun, it's like using an assault rifle. I can easily get a good follow up shot with this weapon. I usually use the ACOG site since it suits me better, but anyways, packed with Stopping Power you are bound to have it your way with this gun.

Good for when you don't use stopping power because of decent damage and easy follow up shots. Can one hit from chest up and packs a punch the ebr lacks while limiting excessive recoil.

38 F2000

At first, IT DOESN'T SUCK!
For me F2000 is and easier nuke than with FAL!
It's Pro is a perfect RDS that is IMMUNE to EMP and a
Nice no-recoil
I recommend Using it with Stopping power, Scavenger and a random 3rd perk.

This gun is very hard in pro and contra but in my opinion it's a good gun the recoil is a little bit heavy in left right but the rate of fire and the good iron sight makes it very fun to play

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39 M240

Yeah I agree with that weapon 1st rapid fire 2nd good at medium range It'll be more accurate if I use the ACOG 3rd large magazine especially when use the extended magazine and will be the most powerful weapon if use the FMJ

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