Best Moe Prank Calls on the Simpsons

The Top Ten

1 Mike Rotch (My Crotch)

Moe: Is Mike Rauch here. Anyone seen mike rauch
Everyone: Hahaaaha!

Bart: "Hello is Mike there? Last name Rotch."

Moe: "Hold on I'll check. My Crotch. My Crotch. Hey has anyone seen My Crotch lately? "

(Everyone except Homer laughs)

2 Amanda Huggenkiss (A Man to Hug and Kiss)
3 I. P. Freely (I Pee Freely)
4 Hugh Jazz (Huge Ass)
5 Seymour Butts (See More Butts)
6 Oliver Klozoff (All of Her Clothes Off)
7 I'm a Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and a Big Butt and My Butt Smells And... I Like to Kiss My Own Butt
8 Al Coholic (Alcoholic)
9 Bea O'Problem (B. O. Problem)

Ya sure do! - Entranced98

10 Drew P. Wiener (Droopy Wiener)

The Contenders

11 Jacques Strap (Jock Strap)
12 Ivana Tinkle (I Want to Tinkle)
13 Homer Sexual (Homo Sexual)
14 Eura Snotball (You're a Snot Ball)
15 Ima Wiener (I'm a Weiner)
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1. I. P. Freely (I Pee Freely)
2. Bea O'Problem (B. O. Problem)
3. Ivana Tinkle (I Want to Tinkle)
1. Mike Rotch (My Crotch)
2. Drew P. Wiener (Droopy Wiener)
3. Al Coholic (Alcoholic)


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