Top Ten Mohanlal Movies

The Top Ten Mohanlal Movies

1 Kireedom

Best one till date..Absolute masterpiece
Nothing compares to this movie. Legendary acting by a legendary actor

Amazing acting of mohanlal sir... But in remake ajith sir poor compare to mohanlal...

Please compare the Mohanlal's keereedom and its remake.. This is a simple example of his excellence!

Emotional Masterpiece

2 Manichitrathazhu

Impossible one


3 Vanaprastham

The god of acting

4 Chithram

One of the best comedy movies in Malayalam.. Shows his flexibility to do comedy.

Top movie of lal sir...

5 Thanmathra

This is a movie which I felt better than AB's black.. This was a movie which will influence your mind for dayss

This movie may be stands number 1 among mohanlals all time top 10

6 Guru

First Malayalam movie Nominated in OSCAR..

It was in the list but wasnt nominated

7 Spadikam

Good acting and action

One of the best lalettan films

I vote for this, because it's quite low in the list. It's at least worthy of being in the top 10.

Spadikam seemed to be a simple action-masala film at first, but it was not so. What makes the movie so special is that family relations are what the movie is actually about (specifically the father-son relationship), all under the guise of an action movie.

And of course, Mohanlal's and Thilakan's powerful performances. Who can forget all the wonderfully poignant father-son scenes in this movie?

PS:The most iconic Mohanlal roles are definitely Ramadas, Sethumadhavan, Mangalassery Neelakandan, and Aadu Thoma.

8 Devasuram

Probably one of the best movies. Amazing acting by Mohanlal!

Shows the real malayalyi man.. All mallus like to be.. And its our pride to have a wonderful actor to show this!

9 Deshadanakili Karayarilla
10 Bharatham

This is the best of that year, and only because of that he got his national award!

The Contenders

11 Narasimham

Best of lalettan films
fastest 20 crores
released in 2000
total grossing=22 cr

12 Kalapaani

It have all in it the love the and afcourse the brilliant acting by lalettan.

13 Rajavintemakan
14 Pulimurugan

One of the worst

I'm not saying it's a bad movie, but it does not deserve to be on this list.

Biggest Malayalam blockbuster Malayalam movie ever. First ever movie to make 100 crore. It is actually interesting to know that Mohanlal films were the first to have entered in each of the crore club.
1. 5 crore club- Kilukkam (1991) (5 crores)
2. 10 crore club - Aaram Thamburan (1997) (12 crores)
3. 20 crore club - Narasimham (2000) (22 crores)
4. 30 crore club - Twenty 20 (2008) (32 crores)
5. 50 crore club - Drishyam (2013) (75 crores)
6. 100 crore club- Pulimurugan (2016) (125+ crores)

15 Oppam

One of the best movies released after 2010. Mohanlal have done an enormous hardwork to make this film a complete success. Instead of Pulimurugan, this film was having all capability to became the first 100cr Mollywood film.

16 Ravanaprabhu
17 Kilukkam

Super hit of 1990s

18 Drishyam

Breaks All Collection Records In Malayalam Film Industry..

19 Pavithram

One of the best movie in malayalam

20 His Highness Abdullah
21 Vandanam
22 Thalavattam
23 Nadodikattu
24 Yodha
25 Naran

Best in acting

26 Thenmaavin Kombath

Best mohanlal movie, just love it...

27 Iruvar

Iruvar is a Tamil movie. He acted in superb...

28 Spirit

One of the best filim in malayalam... Mohanlal sir acted superb and Naturely

29 Sadayam
30 Company
31 Aaram Thamburan
32 Madambi
33 Hello
34 Rajashilpi
35 Abhimanyu
36 Chandralekha
37 Pranayam
38 Bhramaram
39 Keerthichakra
40 Naduvazhikal
41 Pattanapravesham
42 Mythri
43 Irupatham Nootandu
44 Kamaladalam
45 Poochekoru Mookuthi
46 Varavelpu
47 Evidam Swargamanu
48 Aram + Aram = Kinnaram
49 Vietnam Colony
50 Paradesi
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