Best Molly Hatchet Songs

The Top Ten

1 Fall of the Peacemakers
2 Whiskey Man
3 Flirtin' With Disaster

This is the best Molly Hatchet song, not the other two above. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

4 I Can't Be Watching You
5 The Creeper
6 Gator Country
7 Tatanka
8 Devil's Canyon
9 Dead and Gone
10 Silent Reign of Heroes

The Contenders

11 Boogie No More
12 The Rambler
13 Flames Are Burning
14 Ragtop Deluxe
15 Dreams I'll Never See

By far the best cover of the classic Allman Brothers song "Dreams" from their 1969 debut album "The Allman Brothers Band". - ClimberRat

16 Dead Giveaway
17 Power Play
18 The Journey
19 Bounty Hunter
20 Beatin' the Odds
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