Top 10 Moments from 101 Dalmations (1961)

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1 Cruella Chases After the Pups in a Moving Truck

Cruella gives chase after the truck in hot pursuit while attepmting to ram them off the road while the pups hold on for dear life, things get more intense after Cruella crashed through a tree tearing off the roof of her car she speeds after them with a terrifying demon like look on her face as she again rams into the truck when Horace and Jasper drive by and accidentally smashes into her car as the truck gets away and Cruella is left defeated.

She went crazy all because she wants a make a coat

She really needs another hobby!

They don't call her de vil for nothing
(RIP cruellas car)

2 Pongo, Perdita, and the Puppies Return Home
3 Pongo and Perdita vs Jasper and Horace

I love the part where Perdita pulls the rug from under either Horace or Jasper can't remember which one was which and he falls into the fire place and catches their pants on fire and goes running in a panic.

After Horace and Jasper corner Sergeant Tibbs and the pups Pongo and Perdita break through the window and fight off Horace and Jasper while Sergeant Tibbs and the Colonel help the puppies escape.

I always liked this scene.

4 Roger Tells Cruella The Pups Are Not for Sale

After the puppies are born Cruell De Ville shows up wanting to buy the puppies from them but Roger tells her straight up their not for sale and Cruella does not take the news well as she's incredibly outraged as she storms off while screaming at them.

5 Twilight Bark

Pongo and Perdita use the twilight bark a canine gossip line in order to get help in finding their puppies as all over the city countless dogs pass the message on to one another with some of the dogs being characters from Lady in the Tramp.

6 Horace and Jasper Steal the Puppies

After Roger refuses to sell the pups to Cruella she then hires Horace and Jasper to steal the pups after bargaining into the home while Anita and Roger are away with Pong and Perdita on their walk as Jasper keeps Nanny preoccupied while Horace steals the pups after they leave Nanny is left horrified after finding out they stole the puppies as she runs out into the street calling for help from the police.

7 Roger Comes Up with the Song About Cruella
8 The Puppies Arrive

As Pongo and Roger patiently await the news about the puppies when Nanny joyfully tells them the puppies have arrived as Perdita has given birth to a litter of 15 pups however she later informs them that they had lost one of the pups as she hands the pup over to Roger and he begins in an attempt to revive the pup which works as the pup slowly begins moving as Roger calls out to Anita and Nanny of the good news as they name the pup Lucky.

9 Tunderbolt TV Scene
10 Pongo, Perdita and the Puppies Disguise Themselves as Labradors In Order to Sneak Past Cruella and Her Henchman

Pongo and the others arrive at a villiage where they are taken in by one of their dog friends however Cruella, Horace and Jasper are nearby searching for them they then get the bright idea to disguise themselves as Labradors after rolling around in the soot in the fireplace while they sneak them past Cruella and on to a moving truck headed towards London, everything seems to be going to plan until some melting snow drops on some of the pups wiping the soot and exposing them to Cruella who spots them and as the last of them are loaded onto the truck Cruella gives chase.

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11 Roger Stomps His Foot Upstairs to the Beat of the Devil Song
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