Top 10 Moments from Aladdin (1992)

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1 A Whole New World Magic Carpet Ride

If aladdin invites me on a carpet ride ill be like NO WAY JOSE! NOT ON THAT! I WOULD RATHER SIT ON AN ACTUAL CARPET! WHAT IF YOU FALL OFF?!

After failing to break the ice with Jasmine Aladdin offers her a ride on the magic carpet as the two embark through the night sky while singing "A Whole New World". - egnomac

2 Aladdin Rubs The Lamp and Summons the Genie

Robin Williams is such a joy to watch he may be gone but will never be forgotten. - egnomac

3 Prince Ali

After using his first wish to make himself a prince Aladdin arrives in Agrabah in style by having a huge parade as he makes his way to the palace as everyone look in excitement as Genie presents everyone with the new Aladdin now calling himself Prince Ali. - egnomac

4 Jasmine States That She's No Prize to Be Won
5 Escape from The Cave of Wonders

After obtaining the lamp from the Cave of Wonders Abu grabs the forbidden treasure angering the Cave itself who punishes the duo for disobeying its rule of not touching the treasure as the cave begins to crumble and lava shoots out as Aladdin and Abu while riding on carpet attemtp to escape the cave before they are trapped forever they get to the entrance where Jafar dressed as an old man demands he hand him the lamp which he does as Jafar then tries to kill of Aladdin before Abu stops him as Jafar shakes him off and throws the two back into the Cave as they become trapped but jokes on Jafar as Abu stole the lamp from him before they got trapped in the cave. - egnomac

6 Friend Like Me

Another iconic Disney music number as the Genie shows Aladdin of how he's never had a friend like him especially one who can grant him wishes. - egnomac

Will Smith really has his work cut out for him. - egnomac

I can't even begin to imagine how they’re gonna pull this off with Will Smith. - MegaSoulhero

7 Aladdin Wishes for the Genie's Freedom

Genie: Quick wish for something outrages say I want the Nile Wish for the Nile try that
Aladdin: I wish for the Nile
Genie: NO WAY! - egnomac

After defeating Jafar and restoring Agrabah back to normal Aladdin has one last wish and as Genie is prepared to grant him the wish to become a prince Aladdin uses his final wish to grant Genie his freedom as he becomes overexcited to finally be free. - egnomac

8 Jafar Wishes to Be an All Powerful Genie

After Jafar gets the upperhand of Aladdin, Al tricks him by telling him that the Genie has more power then he will ever have as Jafar falls for this trick using his last wish to make himself an all powerful Genie, Jafar is amazed by his new found powers however all that power comes with a catch as now that he's a Genie he has to follow the same rules which means being a slave and forced back into his lamp. - egnomac

9 One Jump Ahead Aladdin Runs from the Guards

Aladdin gets chased by the palace guards all throughout the marketplace after stealing a loaf of bread as Aladdin tries to step one step ahead of the guards. - egnomac

10 Jafar Exposes Aladdin's Lies

The song is GREAT!

The Contenders

11 Arabian Nights Opening
12 Jasmine Almost Loses an Arm

After escaping from the place Jasmine arrives at the market place and finds herself in trouble after she gives a poor kid an apple from a merchant's stand and is unaware that she's suppose to pay as the merchant demands payment but since Jasmine didn't bring any money with her the merchant gets ready to carry out the punishment for stealing which involves cutting her arm off but is saved by Aladdin. - egnomac

13 Jafar Turns Into a Giant Snake
14 Genie Goes Over The Wish Rules

Rule Number 1 I can't kill anyone (cuts his head) so don't ask
Or Rule Number 2 I can't make anyone fall in love with anybody else (plants big kiss on Aladdin)
Rule Number 3 (Slowly turns into a rotting corpse) I can't bring people back from the dead! its not a pretty picture! I DON'T LIKE DOING IT - egnomac

15 Genie Saves Aladdin from Drowning

After taking Jasmine on a carpet ride Aladdin is captured by the palace guards by order of Jafar as he is knocked out tied and thrown into the water to drown, Aladdin manages to rub the lamp to summon Genie who rescues him while using one his wishes to do so. - egnomac

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