Top 10 Moments from Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Next up we have the top moments from Alice in Wonderland (1951) based off the Alice Books by Lewis Carroll.

The Top Ten

1 The Tea Party The Tea Party

Alice arrives at a tea party held by the Marsh Hare and Mad Hatter who aren't too happy about her intruding on their party, eventually they let her stay although she never actually gets any tea they then sing the unbirthday song more hijinks happens as the white rabbit drops by and the hatter and hare mess with his watch that ends up going crazy before hare smashes it to pieces leaving the white rabbit sadden by his broken watch saying it was an umbirtday present before hare and hadder toss him out as Alice too leaves from all the crazyness. - egnomac

2 March of the Cards March of the Cards

After Alice helps the 3 card guys paint the roses red they hear a trumpet play signaling the Queens arrival as they panic and get rid of the paint and ladder before bowing down on the floor ad the army of cards perform a routine as thet make their entrance, possibly the best moment for me is when they begin whistling in unison as they circle around. - egnomac

With so many dark backgrounds, this moment bursting of colour was definitely welcome. - iliekpiez

3 The Chase

After telling off the queen while as a giant she slowly grows back to normal size and finds herself in major trouble as the Queen yells "OFF WITH HER HEAD! " as everyone chased after Alice as she makes a mad dash to avoid losing her head. - egnomac

4 Alice Falls Down The Rabbit Hole
5 Alice First Meets The Cheshire Cat

My favorite scene even though I used to be afraid of the Cheshire Cat's smile appearing out of the darkness.

6 The Walrus Lures the Oysters

Just like the pied pipers The Walrus lures out the oysters by playing his cane like a flute with the intention of leading them out of the sea so he and the Carpenter can eat them. - egnomac

7 Alice Grows Big Inside the White Rabbits House

After coming across the White Rabbits house he mistakens Alice for Marian and forces her into his house ordering her to find his gloves while searching for the gloves Alice takes cookie and eats it which causes her to grow inside the white rabbit's house. - egnomac

8 Alice Gets Lost

After leaving the tea party Alice attempts to find her out of the dark woods but ends up lost as she begins to cry while singing about how she gives herself good advice but never actually follows them all while all the creatures in the woods cry out for her. - egnomac

9 Caterpillar Gets Angry at Alice

Alice meets with the caterpillar and after an exchange of words she upsets him and he yells at her before puffing up his hookah covering him in the smoke then when the smoke clears he vanishes then reveals to be a butterfly. - egnomac

10 The Queen of Hearts Orders the Execution of the Card Painters

After realizing that her roses have been painted red she demands to know who is responsible and as the other card men try to pin the blame on one another the Queen becomes fed up and yells "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! " As the three are carried off as everyone happily sings about them losing their heads. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 The Carpenter Gets Angry at The Walrus for Eating All the Oysters

This was pretty dark not soon after the lure the oysters out of the sea The Walrus orders the carpenter to get the bread while he alone devours all the oysters and when the Carpenter comes back to find all the oysters dead and eaten he's not just mad he is pissed as he grabs his hammer with a murderous look in his eyes furious with the Walrus eating all the oysters and leaving him with none as the Walrus bolts out of the shack as the Carpenter chases after him trying to smash his head in with the hammer. - egnomac

12 Alice Meets Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
13 Painting the Roses Red
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