Top 10 Moments from All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

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1 Soon You'll Come Home

After finding out Charlie stole the wallet from the nice couple from the race track Marie becomes really upset with Charlie for stealing it and takes it with her upstairs in the tower as she looks at the photo of the couple and fantasizes about her and them being part of a family, It's a lot more sadder now especially knowing what happened to Judith Barsi who was murdered by her abusive father along with her mother before the movie was even released it a real tragedy that Judith couldn't have the same happy ending that Anne Marie had.

Definitely one of the most sentimental moments in the movie. Anne Marie sings a song about her wishing she had parents.

Such a sad scene especially knowing what happened to Judith Barsi.

2 You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down
3 Charlie Saves Anne Marie

You were willing to give your life to save that little girl

4 Charlie Says Goodbye to Anne Marie

I always get a bit emotional during this scene. Especially considering that this was Judith Barsi’s final scene; she was killed a year before the film’s release, and this scene has her last words in her acting career. I really feel like this scene is her last farewell. God rest her soul.

Really emotional scene especially since this was basically Judth Barsi's goodbye to the world as she died before the movies release.

5 Lets Make Music Together

After Charlie and Anne Marie find themselves being used as sacrifice to the King Gator but lets them go after he becomes impressed with Charlie's howling voice while trying to eat him as he and Charlie perform a musical number "Let's Make Music Together" little side note the King Gator is voiced and sung by Ken Page who also voices Oogie Boogie in The Nightmare Before Christmas and also in the Princess in the Frog we got Louis a singing music playing alligator a movie that also takes place in New Orleans coincidence.

I love how the background changes and nobody questions it.

6 Anne Marie Overhears Charlie's Conversation with Itchy

While Charlie was out getting Anne Marie back Itchy gets beaten up by Carface and his thugs who also destroy him and Charlie's casino, Itchy is understandingly upset with Charlie with being more concerned with Anne Marie then him telling him that he's in love with the girl as he tells him that things between Charlie and Carface is no longer about business its become personal as Itchy tells them they need to lose the girl and get out of town before they end up dead, but Charlie ignores Itchy's plead and still insists on on using Anne Marie to help them rebuild the casino which upsets Itchy that Charlie doesn't seem to care about what Itchy has been through because of his actions, Charlie starts to get angry at Itchy unaware that Anne Marie is standing right behind him he tells him he doesn't care about the girl that he only pretended to be her friend and take advantage of her gift for his own personal gain and that its always been about business and when they're done with her he'll ...more

7 Charlie Goes to Hell

Possibly the most disturbing moment in the film Charlie has a nightmare where he he is literally sent to hell as he finds himself on a boat surrounded by lava as he comes face to face with a demon monster who's possibly the devil as Charlie is being attacked by little monsters who are chewing on him while the boat begins sinking he eventually wakes up from his nightmare.

8 Itchy Breaks Charlie Out of the Pound

The opening scene where Itchy breaks Charlie out of the pound and ends up breaking the water pipes and alerting the guards who shoot at the two as they make their escape.

9 Charlie Goes to Heaven
10 Carface Kills Charlie

Not willing to give up a part of the casino Carface plots to get Charlie intoxicated then run him over with a runaway car at the pier Itchy shows up and tries to warn Charlie but he is too wasted to even listen or do anything about it as the car crashes into him killing him as the car drives into the water.

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